UN body commends NECC Kaduna for research innovation on co-chlear implants

The United Nations African Convention on Disabled and physically challenged people (UNACDCP) has commended the National Ear Care Center (NECC) Kaduna for embarking on reforms which has turned around the fortunes of the center.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which held in Nairobi Kenya, host, Dr Mutavi Evans Mutavi, the organisations Charge d ‘affairs in Kenya said NECC has made Nigeria and Africa proud with it’s improvement in research which led to the historic milestones in Co-chlear Implants surgery at the center in Nigeria .

“To lead Africa in the restoration of hearing as demonstrated by the National Ear Care Center deserves commendation,” he said.

The body reiterated it’s commitment to the physical, social and psychological needs of the physically challenged people in Africa.

“If we give equal opportunity to everyone , we may not recognised that any one is disabled ” we all have equal potential to change the world, we must support deaf people to hear and live out their normal daily lives,” Dr Mutavi stated.

Reacting to the development, Nigeria’s delegate, Rev Solomon Semaka, who is the country Director of Mahatma Ghandi Peace Foundation said he was proud of his country but particularly proud of the Medical Director and management of NECC for bringing honor to the country’s health and social sector.

“We are indeed proud. I thank the Congress for accepting our nomination of NECCA for this honor,” he said.

The international body said it will prioritise awareness on the need for fund raising to support co-chlear implants in Africa.