Top world Taekwondo leader suffers heart attack, moments after intensive surgery

There is tension within Africa Taekwondo community after President of the World Taekwondo in Africa, General Ahmed Fouly, suffered a severe heart attack.

Report says the Taekwondo leader is currently in an intensive care at the Al-Aseel hospital in Hurghada, Egypt.

The general’s condition was revealed in a Facebook post by his son, Emmy Ahmed Fouly, who asked for prayers of the Taekwondo community.

Prior to the heart attack, the African Taekwondo leader had undergone a critical surgery, which was successful.

Messages of support has flooded the social media by taekwondo practitioners on the continent who have become increasingly aware of the General’s current health status.

Gen. Ahmed Fouly, who is greatly admired by Taekwondo practitioners in the continent, has been a unifying and progressive leader for Africa Taekwondo in the last two decades, ushering in innovations that have grown the Olympic sport of Taekwondo on the continent.

Under Gen. Fouly, Africa has organised a lot of world-class events, including World Championships, Prix Series and other high-level G-ranked events, which has led to an emergence of a new breed of high-profile international champions from Africa.

At the last Rio 2016 Olympics, Africa won a total of five Olympic medals, a dramatic turn-around for the continent who has never won more than one Olympic medal per Olympic event since Athens 2004.

Gen. Ahmed Fouly has held many local and international positions, including being the President of the Egyptian Taekwondo Federation, Preesident of the Federation of African Federations and the President of Islamic Solidarity.

Currently, he holds the position of Vice President of the World Taekwondo Federation and President of the World Taekwondo Africa.