The steady process of sustainable growth

There is dignity in labour and the earned reward for legitimate engagement is proceed, peace, and power. What life promises to her inhabitants is without prejudice and partiality to anyone but conformity to the agelong principle of success makes the difference. The exertion of energy and the exploration of innate potential towards providing services and solutions to the myriads of problems mankind suffers delivers not just confidence but comfort and contentment to those exercised thereby.

The way up to well-living is wallowing persistently in seed-planting activities. Whereas the reverse is also true – plant nothing, reap emptiness. This practical philosophy is as proper to an individual as it is valid to corporate bodies and a nation. The steadfast commitment and dedication to rewarding careers have a sure recompense. Therefore, stubbornly burn your sweat and wait for the returns. To every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction, courtesy of Albert Einstein.

Growth is determined by the amount of invested efforts, perseverance, and passion minus the deferred negligence and thoughtlessness. Sustainable growth cannot occur unless and until deliberate steps and strategic behaviour are cultivated appropriately and betimes. While others are burning their candles from both ends, click prudence. Poverty does not happen by mistake; it follows a pattern, a lifestyle. Denounce poverty and all its encompassing habits and dispositions. Embrace a decent and adventurous vocation that will set you up for greater heights sooner or later.

No nation plans for a people who do not first plan for themselves. Understand that you have a fundamental responsibility to better your life without recourse to what the next person will do or fail to do in this respect. Self-improvement trait is, therefore, a desirable virtue herein. Take a deep breath, relax, and observe profound introspection, especially in a solitary place such as your closet. Soft redefining and regenerating melody in the background can stimulate this crucial moment if affordable. Discover yourself. Find your purpose on earth. Know thyself oh man! Every man’s single mission on earth is centered around this phenomenal reality – rendering critical services to mankind and improving the conditions. If your existence on earth does not leave the world a better place than you met it, it will not be unfair to conclude that such life was wasted. You only existed but you did not live. Passivity is inferior to activity.

This metaphorical demonstration as an instance of our subject matter will help. The setting is a farm. The protagonist is the farmer. The likely harvest shall be the climax. Here we go… A portion of the land lies fallow, uncultivated. The farmer site and found it a viable and arable location for planting. He gathers his farming implements and manpower. Once on the chosen ground, two things lie ahead of him. One is the bushy and uncleared portion of the land. The other is the foreseeable and fruitful harvesting. Between the initial actions of bush-clearing and the expected gathering of the fruits time lies the proper laboring and energy-sapping trips and visits to the farm, the removal of unwanted weeds, watering, trimming, etc.

Continuing, the farmer will ensure he protects his fragile and tender crops from marauding predators which constantly check for pillaging and plundering patrol. As the dutiful sower persists in his occupational task, time and maturation of his investment are faithfully yielding results underground. The manifestation will shortly shoot up. The rules of the game stipulate that “everyone shall reap in multiple folds what he or she sowed.’ Expectations hardly are cut off, all things being equal. The procedure by which a worthwhile increase in production may be achieved demands painstaking devotion, delightfulness in duty, and a display of optimism that a massive harvest awaits the producer.

Very importantly, the abiding central import of this essay is how to maximize discovered potential by pursuing a passion that will earn you persistent profits and growth. As an individual, yes you can. Corporate bodies, the more feasible, yes we can be. As a nation, if the egoistic tendency that cages myopic politicians will set them free, of course, they too can. Nobody has diligently followed the above procedures and did not arrive at the same desired destination. Adherence to the demands does not regard the system of beliefs, social status, racial, political, and religious affiliations. It drops dividends on your doorsteps to all and sundry irrespective of who you are or who you are not.

Interestingly, what some ignorant people are used to doing is violating the landmark life principles and unchangeable policies and turning back to trade blame. They can blame every other person, animal, spirit, ethnicity, and other visible and invisible creatures except themselves. They exonerate themselves insisting that they might know what they are doing but what is happening to them is what they don’t comprehend. They have missed the mark in some distant past. Now they are faced with the damning consequences of their misconduct. This preaching touches on the need to turn a new leaf from today.

In conclusion, let the abundance of wealth and good health define your efforts. Fruitfulness crowns your exercises. This life reliably pays a premium to her complying children. It hardly fails. Nature abhors indolent ones who are sluggish in style and rewards smart laborers and sacrificial servants. Be one. Stop complaining and start progressing. The coast is now clear. Set the goal and run after it, grab it, and proactively retain it.

Steve Obum Orajiaku,
[email protected]