Good governance: Mutfwang lunches government-citizens feedback tool

Governor Caleb Mutfwsng of Plateau state has urged the people of Plateau state, to provide feedback, request services, and engage with government agencies aimed at providing good governance in the state.

He said the feedback from citizens would help government efforts at providing effective governance that in the state.

Governor Mutfwang made the statement, Monday, at the formal unveiling of the Plateau State e-Governance Platform, aimed at fostering transparent, efficient, and accountable governance. 

In a signed statement, by his director of press and public affairs, Gyang Bere, Governor Mutfwang, “emphasised its role in promoting citizen-government interaction, courtesy of a donation from Mr. Hephzibah Integrated Technologies Ltd.”

He said: “The platform, accessible via the toll-free line (08000005555) and, allows citizens to provide feedback, request services, and engage with government agencies, thereby contributing to the administration’s effectiveness.”

Governor Mutfwang encouraged the public to utilise the platform to engage meaningfully with the government and to offer information, opinions on policies, and inquiries on service offerings from MDAs, while receiving timely feedback.

He enumerated that the benefits of the platform, is to increase efficiency, convenience, transparency, accountability, improved communication, engagement, and cost-saving for Plateau citizens.