Misuse of social media posses global threat – Nuhu Ribadu 

National Security Adviser (NSA), Nuhu Ribadu, has emphasized that the misuse of social media poses significant local and global threats.

Thediscovererng.com report that Ribadu revealed that the National Security Strategy (NSS) underwent its most recent review in 2015, leading to the introduction of the 2019 edition, which currently is being assessed.

Ribadu addressed a gathering in Abuja consisting of spokespersons from organizations affiliated with the Strategic Communication Interagency Policy Committee.

He urged media managers within defense, security, and response agencies to adjust their strategy when interacting with the public and combating misinformation spread by adversaries of the nation.

He emphasized the importance of security sector spokespersons addressing the concerning manipulation of media and social media platforms to sow discord between citizens and governments at different levels.

Ribadu highlighted that the presence of a large amount of false news, incorrect information, and deliberate misinformation pose serious risks to national security and public involvement.

He said, “Across the world, we have also assessed the adept use of social media platforms by those who seek power to shape public opinion against citizens. This threat is both global and local and presents an immediate national security priority.

“The urgency to prepare 

and be proactive in our national security strategic communication management is now, and the spokespersons have a critical role to play.”

“Upon the sweat and blood of service personnel and the men and women who protect us daily, we must build a narrative of resilience and mobilise our people.

“We must tell their stories and sing their praise as part of a broader national strategic communication programme.

“As spokespersons, you have a critical role to play in effective governance communication to project our results and reach audiences at home and abroad.

“Countering fake news will require that we are ahead of the news and proactively update the public.”

Discoverer Nigeria