The rising cases of same sex relationships in Nigeria

While #EndSARS protests continue to attract everyone’s attention, other issues are equally disturbing and should be given the desired attention too. 
Same sex relationships in Nigeria are gradually on the increase and becoming the norm despite the prohibition and penalty against same sex marriage to discourage and  stop people from going into such deviant, illed and anomalousness.  

It is gratifying that the Nigerian government is against same sex marriage despite the approval of  the US government for its citizens to practice this seeming oddity; and even persuading other nations to do same. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has also frowned on the practice and has put in place stiff penalties against the practice.  
For Nigerians living in the UAE, same sex relationship and all other sexual activities outside heterosexual marriage are illegal and are serious crimes in the UAE that can cost one’s  life or a long jail term. In 2016, a Nigerian living in Dubai, Mr. Taiye (O Square) was accused by his Ukrainian wife for cheating on her with his fellow man.
It was strange for a woman to indict her husband and the father to her kids for having a sexual relationship with his fellow man. Taiye was not the only person facing this kind of charge since other men reported to be Nigerians, were also accused by others for having the  repulsive relationship with their same sex. The authorities in Dubai started the investigation into all these to unravel the truth but suddenly, those accused absconded since they were aware of the consequences if found guilty after the investigation.

That’s how serious it is in the Arab world on the issue of same sex relationship, and I must commend the UAE for standing tough on this issue. However, I would like to correct what seemed to be wrong since when it comes to issues associated with Nigerians in UAE and other nations the fairness is always lacking. 
In the case of Taiye, popularly known as O Square, and other Nigerians that were accused of having same sex relationships with their fellow men, should not be charged guilty without knowing their sex partners in whom they engage such odd act with, their names and countries were not mentioned but those of Nigerians were loudly mentioned with their country. Where is the fairness?

Let me at this point applaud the Nigerian government for early this year, 2020, arranged for trial 47 men who were accused of practicing same sex relationship that is even forbidden in the Holy Books. It is unfortunate to see the Nigerian youth on social media platforms seeking partners that are of the same sex with them for a relationship. This unbecoming activities on same sex affection must be checked, curtailed and eliminated before it is too late. 

Therefore, the government should be relentless in checking this trend to ensure its death before it turns us into Sodom and Gomorrah, which punishment is destruction.
Awunah Pius Terwase,Mpape,Abuja, Nigeria09052385238[email protected]

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