The making of Houseofamearypearl jewelry brand – CEO, Shyllon Adeola

Former banker, housewife, mother and Chief Executive Officer of a premium luxury jewelry brand, Houseofamearypearl, Engr (Mrs) Shyllon Adeola has emphatically declared her brand as one of the Top 3 jewelry brands in Nigeria while giving insights to her humble beginning and the achievements of the brand thus far.

“Our major achievement is the fact that by mentioning top 3 jewelry sellers in Nigeria presently, my brand will definitely pop up. We are at the top there and I hope to even go a step further by becoming the number 1 jewelry seller in Africa, so help me God,” she affirmed.

Shyllon Adeola revealed that her business journey was fraught with ups and downs and admitted that she is not where she intends to be but very far from where she started from.

“I started from little beginnings and the business continued to grow gradually till where I am today and I am still growing,” she added.

“I have been a businesswoman since childhood. All through my university days I sold different fashion items , from jewelry to hair, to clothes, shoes , bags and any fashion item you could think of,” she said.

Continuing, she revealed how her work life changed in the trajectory of her childhood aspiration and passion, highlighting how working in the banking sector was not a fulfilling experience for her as the desired to be her own boss.

“I worked for a very short period of time at First Bank Nigeria but I didn’t really enjoy waking up very early for work and getting back home very late at night and then the next day you are out very late again. Since I had always had passion for business I decided to continue my business. So that was how Houseofamearypearl officially started,” she recalled.

“It was just officially registered in 2018 when I needed a business account because it was not easy to convince customers that you are genuine with your personal account. Houseofamearypearl is duly registered under CAC,” she added.

Houseofamearypearl’s boss also revealed that brand influencers played a crucial role in the growth of her business as the chunk of her customers are domiciled abroad and thus entails a whole lot to build trust.

“They just have to trust your brand before putting huge money into acquiring your products and services. At first, it was difficult convincing customers but I kept pushing and afterwards I started signing celebrity influencers and they have helped a lot in that aspect to get them convinced , so it is less challenging now dealing with them. Although there are a few that still come to say they are scared and all, I just tell them you can take your time to patronize us and only a trial will convince you that we truly deliver and we are trusted and reliable,” she explained.

Shyllon Adeola is a serial entrepreneur, happily married with two children. She graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. She also did some Engineering programs to assert herself as a certified engineer but one enjoying life as a businesswoman.

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