SDP poised to rescue Nigeria – Aiyenigba

Arising from the serial disappointments and dashed hopes Nigerians have suffered under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the last six years, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) said the citizens have “identified it as the credible alternative political party that has what it takes to redeem the country.”
National Publicity Secretary Amb. Rufus Aiyenigba who disclosed this in a statement on Sunday noted that with the pro-people ideology, right capacity and commitment to public good, the party is poised to replace  the APC presently superindending the national affairs.
According to the statement, “In the light of the unpleasant prevailing situation in the country, where the condition of the country is getting precarious by the day, and the legitimate hopes and aspirations of Nigerians, rather than getting better and brighter are getting blighted; where the people are daily contending with suffocating crisis of survival and the nation is grappling with existential battles of insecurity and threat to national stability, a recreating of the greatly inspiring hope which the Social Democratic Party brought to the country in 1993 has become a national quest and building into a massive crusade across the country.
The statement further read, “It is mindful of the foregoing, therefore, that the party is poised to raising the ebbing hope of Nigerians and give them something good to look out for, in the face of the present atmosphere of national despair and rising despondency, by putting machinery in top gear to get primed as the credible alternative political party ahead of the next general election.
“The SDP as a national party generally known for the promotion the true interest of Nigeria is committed to national retrieval by working towards the re-enactment of the glorious 1993 presidential success.
“This, it hopes to achieve by nominating a presidential candidate that has the requisite capacity to win the next presidential election, form a government with human face at the center, and deliver on its mandate by implementing the pro-people and pan-Nigerian manifesto, policies and programs of the party that are strategically designed to significantly restore the lost glory of the country, unite the country, bring a turn-around in the declining fortunes of the people and make their lives truly better under a system that works for all – one that is just and equitable and an environment that is secure.
“The masses of Nigerians have already begun a count-down, and rightly so, for the exit of this regrettable mal-administration where good governance has been replaced with an appalling ‘noisome pestilence’ disguised as leadership, where despotic assaults on civil liberties and contempt for the rule of law, as well as impetuous propaganda have been elevated to official state policy. 
“Notwithstanding the general negative verdict on the inconceivable display of cluelessness and manifest failure in delivering on his mandate vis-à-vis party’s deceptive campaign promises, Mr. President, for the purpose of what history would record for him, is sincerely advised to step up his game and provide the right leadership to rebuild the faith of those who twice voted for him to get to power, and to find a way to creatively reclaim the honour he once had, although it is almost becoming a very tall order.”