Ribadu: Honour well deserved

In regular pursuit of viable engagements in our contemporary society, despite the high traffic on the pathways to greatness and the scanty opportunities, there is always a minute space for merit for people, who are steadfast in their vision, imaginative on the specific steps to take towards set goals, uniquely distinguished in modus operandi and determined to achieve proficient objectives at any slightest links connected to their front burners.

In our usual expression or common parlance, it is always recounted that we should give honour to whom honour is due and whom the cap fits, let him or her wear it, because honour and greatness, to a large extent, are not often cheaply bestowed, but earned with respect, admiration, allegiance and devotion.

In this realm, I would like to congratulate Mallam Nuhu Ribadu on his well deserved appointment as the National Security Adviser (NSA) by His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu,GCFR, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This appointment has brought to sharp focus the principle of fixing the round peg in a round hole and did not come as a surprise to the keen observers of his antecedents in the areas of resourcefulness, track records of integrity, courageousness and determination to deliver any challenging task at all times.

Over the years, we recall with gusto on his resounding performance, when Ribadu held sway as the pioneer Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), where he refused to surrender or be intimidated by forces which looked like undefeated foes.

Amidst the storms that displayed like insurmountable odds, he remained resolute, unwavering and took the battle against corruption to the corridors of power just to redeem the castigation on the image of the country by Transparency International as then the most corrupt nation.

Posterity will be very kind to us as a nation, if we objectively examine his leadership credentials with precision and honour him with the plague of exceptional achievements in the battle against corruption and other heinous crimes.

It is on record in his frank disposition on how he refused to succumb to ‘juicy porridge’ attached to looted funds just to ruin his birthright of discipline and honesty. In his wisdom of meticulous approach to issues and devoid of greed and self service, he severally escaped all the treacherous baits and traps set to discredit him and subsequent dislodgement as EFCC boss.

Mallam Ribadu was quite diligent, dedicated and focused on his core values and obligations as EFCC chairman. After his gallant performance with the crime fighter commission, there was an outrage of vituperation, victimization, indignation and deluge of censorious commentary over his double promotion with Nigeria Police Service Commission.

All the huge successes recorded by the commission under his watch were misconstrued as mere witch hunting of government opposition and labelled with political sentiment as’ watch dog’ and there were collisions and ploys set for his demotion. It was a clear route of use and dump syndrome to scourge his fruitful efforts and hard-earned integrity.

It was at this point that I courageously inked down an article titled “Ribadu Deserves Honour Instead” which was published in the Leadership Sunday of August 10, 2008, on page 18. In my documentary, I drew the attention of the then Inspector General of Police Mike Okiro and our servant leader, late President Musa Yar-Adua to sit up and appraise the injustice meted on him after the rigorous exercise of rebranding the country’s identity.

Also, I wrote succinctly that it is worth while to note that in a complex society like ours,it takes one with special courage, unperturbed principle and aggressive disposition to fight the war against corruption. I emphasised that the war against corruption is not massaging of ego, mere dialogue, undue procedure of rule of law and time wasting to achieve any remarkable result.

The intelligent officer, Mallam Ribadu, worked so fearlessly and selflessly that his name became a slogan “The fear of Ribadu is the beginning of wisdom”. More also, that he fought and risked his life and family to redeem Nigeria’s dented image. He meant well for the country and his promotion which was due to impeccable records of performance and share vision should be sustained instead of subjecting him to conundrum, humiliation and dragging his hard work and precedence to the mud and mire.

This article about my views and perceptions generated so much criticism and altercations among my peers and notable personalities. But today I am highly vindicated by God and President Tinubu for this elation as the NSA.

Albeit, it is not still going to be strange for people to be pejorative and present a contra opinion about this new assignment from different segments of the public, but the onus lies on Ribadu again to showcase his usual intelligence, preparedness competency and outstanding resume required to deliver the country from the waves of precariousness. On the holistic admonition, we should be mindful of the fact that security of life and properties is a teamwork like synergy theory that requires total harnessing of resources and collaboration from all and sundry.

Though, Ribadu is at the helm of security affairs, but he deserves vital information and fervent cooperation to achieve this fight against insecurity and other vices in the country. We need a rancor free society where everyone can go about with their normal businesses without maiming, molestation and intimidation from any quarter. Our prayer is that as he settles down for this onerous task, may God grant him sound health, courage and guidance to weather the insecurity situation in the country.

Congratulations Ribadu on a role well deserved.

Samuel Ebo, public affairs analyst, writes from Abuja via
[email protected]