On Wike, Fubara face-off

Penultimate week, newspapers and other media platforms were awash with the news about former Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state saying that he made a mistake by supporting

Siminalaya Fubara to succeed him as the governor of Rivers state.

Wike was speaking at a function in Ogu/Bolo local government area of the state where he apologised to the people of the state for what he called his”mistake”. Of recent, there has been a strained relationship between Governor Fubara and his estranged political godfather, which has thrown the state into a political crisis.

What Wike, now minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, fails to understand is the fact, he too was a mistake for Chief Rotimi Amaechi, for supporting him to be the governor. Wike didn’t appreciate Amaechi for wholeheartedly supporting him by being his chief of staff, nominating him as a minister against the wishes of the people of Rivers state and giving him the full support that easily made him to become a governor.

There is no worse ingratitude than what Wike did to Amaechi, a one-time governor of the state, and, of course, Wike’s mentor. Wike called Amaechi unprintable names simply because he fell out with him.

However, the die is not yet cast in the strained relationship between the Fubara and Wike. The governor of Rivers state has told the people of the state that he cannot worship Wike. When Amaechi made Wike the governor of the state, did he tell him to worship him like he wants Fubara to do?

The irony is that if you want to play God because you supported someone in becoming something in life, one cannot achieve anything because it is only God that has that power. Wike says as politicians you appreciate people who have helped you. Does he appreciate Nigeria’s former first lady Patience Goodluck Jonathan, for prevailing on Amaechi to make him a governor?

There is no correction he can make in 2027 because from the indices available, it is crystal clear that he has lost out as the incumbent Governor Fubara is now enjoying the full support of the people of Rivers state that cut across every strata. The traditional rulers, elite and former leaders of the state are solidly behind the governor more than ever.

There is no doubt whatsoever that in Nigeria state governors wield enormous power and can do and undo. The leverage that made Wike the alfa and omega in the state also applies to Fubara. With the resignation of about seven commissioners who are Wike’s loyalists from the State Executive Council, Fubara would consolidate his administration with his loyalists, who will dare the camp of Wike.

The Hausa say “Dan zaki ya girma”, literally meaning the small lion has grown. Governor Fubara will surprise his godfather in no distant future.

It has become a reoccurring decimal in that most of governors who supported their political godsons ended up in strained relationship. The Pandora box will soon be opened for the people to see whether the godfather is a saint or not in the use of the resources of the state in the eight years tenure of Wike, as the governor of the state.

Wike has been defiant in spite of the truce sued for between him and Fubara by President Bola Tinubu. Wike’s antecedents portray him as a wounded lion, who is yet to be healed of his wound.

The last straw was when Fubara said, “This is to let the world know that if there is one problem this administration has, it is the huge debt burden. For most of the projects that are being commissioned, the contractors are coming for their balance payments and it is running into billions”. This clearly points to the fact that Wike will be in big trouble as the days pass by in Rivers state under Fubara.

Usman Santuraki,

No2, Santuraki Close, Demsawo, Jimeta, Yola,

Adamawa state

[email protected]