Information Society Day: Jehovah’s Witnesses highlight access to 

As the world celebrated the Information Society Day on May 17, Jehovah’s Witnesses are highlighting how they use modern technologies to help those with limited or no internet service to access their massive library of digital publications.

From a small box with a router to satellite channels, Jehovah’s Witnesses are using modern technology to reach people who have limited or no access to the internet. 

“We use technology in any way that we can to reach our neighbours with practical, Bible-based information for daily life. Whether it is help for families, questions about how to achieve happiness or a hope for the future, it is all there in the Bible, and we want people to see that,” says Isaac Phil-Etanireri, spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

 “We understand that for many people in some countries, internet access is sparse, and in some areas, it is also very slow and very expensive. It is our aim to make sure as many people as possible have access to the valuable resources on the website despite where they may live or challenges with access to technology.”

As of January 2024, there were 5.35 billion internet users globally, but a digital divide persists with many in the least developed countries lacking reliable connection to the internet. 

Countries with the lowest internet penetration include North Korea, Central African Republic, Burundi, South Sudan and Niger.