Re-Muhuyi’s misguided interview

When I read the above caption, that appeared on October 17, 2021, in the Blueprint written by Ibrahim Abdu Zango I tried to figure out what the writer actually intended to achieve. At the beginning, he commended the courage and achievements recorded by the 45-year-old Rimin Gado born lawyer in the anti-corruption drive in Kano state, which he acknowledged that many people appreciated.

In what seems like a twist, the author picked a hole in the recent interview granted to the press by Barrister Muhuyi where he made some revelations regarding how the government is being run. Before this interview, people were left to speculate on the issues raised therein, and till now, nobody within the government circle has come out to counter the revelations made by Mr Rimin Gado. 

The writer based his stance on one issue, the accusations by the State House of Assembly that as the head of the anti-corruption body, Mr, Muhyi rejected an accountant sent to his office by the state accountant general. While it is true that the assembly made the accusation, the author should have been sincere and acknowledge that Mr. Muhuyi Magaji was not indicted for any financial wrong doing, as such he ought not to pre-empt their investigation. I listened to the said interview first hand and there was nowhere Mr Rimin Gado exposed government’s secret in the interview. As a lawyer, he chose his words carefully and never openly accused any person directly for any wrongful act. 

The author also compared Mr. Muhuyi’s scenario with Ibrahim Magu as the EFCC boss where the later remained silent. This comparison is completely out of place for obvious reasons. One, Mr Magu’s appointment was rejected by the parliament therefore he acted in that capacity and the appointment was then hanging. Two, Mr. Magu was given fair hearing and accusations against him were made known to him by a special investigation panel appointed to investigate his case. He was, therefore, allowed to defend himself. 

Magu’s suspension was after the commencement of the investigation but on the contrary, the Kano State House of Assembly only acted on a one sided petition and proclaimed the suspension and even when inviting him after the suspension didn’t deem it necessary to know the allegation against him like they revealed to the press.

When they were asked to furnish him with the details of the petition against him, they only capitalised on the hospital record, declared him guilty of forgery and recommended for his immediate sacking, arrest and prosecution. They equally went ahead and appointed a committee to investigate the financial transactions of the commission under him. All these happened without Rimin Gado uttering a word.

In his interview, Mr. Muhuyi claimed that the government made unfounded allegation against him relating to finances and foreign donations to the police all of.which cannot be established and neither the police nor the government denied the existence of such unfounded complaint before the CID as claimed.
Therefore one will wonder how the seemingly eloquent writer drew his conclusion from Mr. Muhuyi’s interview. Mr Muhuyi did great services to Kano and from all indications is out for another important mission of lifting the veil on some masquerades in the state.

His interview highlighted the desperation of the Ganduje administration to silence this noble son of Kano through useless attempt of fault finding mission where they now settled for prosecuting him on allegation of giving false information to the people that never listened to his side of the story, what a tragedy to our democracy, this interview was timely and educative.
Let the writer, who claimed to be chairman of Kano Unity Forum, gather his members and deliberate on the paralysis that affects the state during the administration of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and find solution but not accusing the patriotic son of the soil who sweated for Kano in order to ensure that it was rid of corrupt practices.

Any mortal who fears Almighty Allah knows very well that every person will account for his deeds in the hereafter. It is that accountability before our Creator that makes every man and woman who fears Allah to do what is good and desist from what is bad. But it seems the chairman of Kano Unity Forum, who sees Muhuyi’s interview as misguided, refused to ponder well on the issues and judged him with his pen. 
The court of public opinion has already declared Muhuyi innocent and that was what the powers that be are always trying to detest and his popularity is even rising by the day from the time he was suspended under questionable circumstances.

Since the creation of Kano public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission it was adjudged that the commission has no leader of Barrister Rimin Gado’s match in terms of hard work, dedication and commitment to duty. 
The head of the Kano Unity Forum should also note that the open government partnership was signed between Kano government and the anti-graft body during Magaji’s stewardship as Kano anti-corruption boss.

In the whole interview by Mr. Muhuyi, I didn’t hear anything misguided or misleading, unless the writer and his sympathisers are afraid of an ensuing bombshell with regards to how the present Kano state government reluctantly fights corruption and with the suspension of Muhuyi Magaji they are having sleepless nights.
Danjuma writes from Kano.

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