Ranching and global warming

I refer to the proposal by the South-west governors on ranching as a solution to herdsmen/farmers unending crises which can pose grave consequences for our environment. Hear what the experts say. “Nigerian rainforests are critical to our ecosystem. It is a well-known fact that trees absorb toxic gases of excess carbon dioxide that we release into the atmosphere, and convert it into breathable oxygen. Life as we know it could not exist without them. They are indeed our ultimate rejuvenators.

By clearing and burning our rainforests for ranching, not only do we destroy the oxygen-producing vegetation and the environment in which the animals and plants live, but we also release huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere” thereby hastening a global-warming effect.

 What is perplexing in the herdsmen murderous saga is that the herdsmen have siezed the initiative from the defence of South-West forests and homelands, (by the way, Agbekoya means “FARMERS REJECT SUBJUGATION” by setting up roadblocks in the heartland of Yoruba land. Talk about fearlessness? Is this sheer effrontery, bravery or a conuqueror’s pedigree running in their blood? Can either the garralous Odua People’s Congress warriors or the dreaded Agbekoyas in a similar scenario mount roadblocks in the heart of Sokoto and environs? People must learn to walk their talk o jare.

John R. Jimoh,

4 Olukoya Street,

Molipa, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state

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