Nigeria on dangerous road to self annihilation, Agoro warns

Former presidential candidate of the National Action Council (NAC), Dr Olapade Agoro, Sunday warned that Nigeria is threading the dangerous road to self annihilation with the clamour for power to remain in the north beyond 2023.

Dr Agoro raised the alarm while speaking with journalists on the state of the nation at his Apata residence in Ibadan.

The former NAC presidential candidate lamented that as at present, most of the unfolding events in the country constituted major threat to the unity and stability of Nigeria as a nation.

Dr Agoro said other issues presently threatening the unity and stability of Nigeria included the “beheading of 11 Christians, the ungodly  Boko Haram, reckless earnings of National Assembly members, and the clamour for power to remain in the North”.

Emphasising that Nigeria as a country must not continue like this, the former NAC presidential candidate specifically frowned at the clamour for power to remain in the north beyond 2023, adding that  there was no basis for such a clamour.”

“In Nigeria, we need a change. We have to go back to the change mantra. We need somebody that will lead us.We want somebody that can deliver. This is not a matter of age; it has nothing to do with age. The present situation is above Buhari as an individual. Nigeria must not continue like this,” he said.

Dr Agoro stated further that as far as Nigeria’s political terrain and the 2023 is concerned, ” the political field is still open to all parts of the country. You have to work towards power, you don’t need to be laying undue claim to power.

“The clamour by those refusing to learn from history that Nigeria is one nation although of diverse tribes and languages that power should remain in the north in 2023 after the present administration must have successfully closed shop is untenable. Lesson should be learnt that such statements are not only reckless but capable of inciting costly violence.”

Speaking further, the former NAC presidential candidate  lashed out at members of the  National Assembly over their plan to renovate the National Assembly complex with N37billion.

“I want to think that the National Assembly was built in 1999 at the cost of 777 million, under N800 million. Somebody is thinking of renovating something we built with less than N800million with N37billon. You will see the way we are thinking. You can see the mentality of the leadership we have. They just want to get the best out of the system. Their thinking is that if the country can sink, let it sink.”

On Boko Haram, Dr Agoro said: “It is time Nigeria  wake up to the reality that no senseless war on this planet of ours had a beginning without an end of bloodletting and regrets.”