Nigeria at 63: Aderonke calls for unity, gender-inclusive Nigeria

As Nigeria marks her 63rd Independence anniversary, the Executive Director of FAME Foundation, Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello, has called for unity and a gender inclusive Nigeria.

Speaking to the press, Ogunleye-Bello emphasized the significance of this day for Nigerians, stating, “The Independence Day of Nigeria is a symbolic moment that calls for reflection on our country’s growth, challenges, and achievements over the past 63 years.”

Elaborating on the importance of unity in the face of challenges, she said, “As we celebrate our independence anniversary today, let us unite in our diversity and work collectively to address the pressing issues at this time – from making life better for everyone, improving education, healthcare, and more.”

She continued by highlighting the significance of this milestone, stating that it’s a chance for us to do better and be better.

“As Nigeria turns 63 today, it is a time for us to think, grow, and promise to make our nation even better. It’s a chance for us to look back and remember how we got here, the tough times, and all the progress we’ve made as a nation.”

Looking forward to a brighter future, she passionately called for a gender-inclusive Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, saying,

“Let us envision a Nigeria that ensures equal opportunities and rights for everyone, regardless of gender, promoting a society where all can thrive and contribute fully to our nation’s growth.”

She further stated, “Independence Day serves as a reminder to Nigerians of the sacrifices made by our forefathers and the hard-fought battles for our freedom. It prompts us to honor their memory by working towards a prosperous and united nation, embracing diversity and striving for inclusivity, ultimately fostering a stronger and more harmonious Nigeria for generations to come. God bless Nigeria. “

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