NASFAT meets UK Envoy, seeks collaboration to advance humanity

The Chief Missioner of Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT), Imam Abdul-Azeez Onike, has said NASFAT is always ready to collaborate with anyone or group that is interested in advancing the course of humanity.

He said the mission of such a group or organisation must align with the mission of NASFAT: “To develop an enlightened Muslim society nurtured with true understanding of Islam for the spiritual upliftment and welfare of mankind.

Onike in a press statement noted that the meeting held by NASFAT delegation with the British Deputy High Commissioner, HE Jonny Baxter in Lagos.

While highlighting the successes of the parley, Onike stated that NASFAT’s delegation discussed the mission and vision of the society and the society’s spread all over the world, the UK inclusive as well as the society’s policy thrust captured under the acronym of HELD (Health, Education, Livelihoods and Da’wah), and several achievements of the society under each item in the policy thrust were highlighted.

Onike said the Deputy High Commissioners was also told of the ten agencies of NASFAT, all of which have objectives linked to the HELD agenda.

He added, “We also discussed several partnerships NASFAT has had example with UNICEF, Carter John Onaiyekan Foundation etc.

“He was made aware that NASFAT is all about making the world a better place for all, irrespective of ethnic, religious or social differences.

“The solid structure and corporate governance of the society was also discussed.”

In response, the Deputy High Commissioner expressed pleasure at the strides being made by the society. He said he was quite impressed.

The NASFAT delegation further informed the Deputy High Commissioner of the General Conference of the society coming up between 2nd and 5th May, 2024 at Milton Keynes in the UK , and invited him to the event.

Other members of the NAFSAT delegation were Engr. Kamar Olawuyi, Nasfat National Project Secretary: Alhaja Ganiyat Babalola, Coordinator of Nasfat’s Initiative on Ending Violence against Children, Women and Girls and Representative of the Women Wing and Sister Aishat Muhammed, Nasfat Legal Officer.