Nail manicure, pedicure boom in Abuja

With hair braiding and stylists within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and its environs hitting it big due to increasing patronage, nail technicians are struggling not to be left out of the boom as they seek to tap into the multi-million naira business, ADEOLA TUKURU reports.
Before now polishing of nails was not considered fashionable.

But over time, nail polishing as a business has become more popular.

Polishing of nails has became well known by its trendiest look and stylish appearance.

The trend in nail polish is the artistic way it is been used especially with polishes sticker.

A nail technician at Wuse market, Abuja, Caroline Osai, fondly called “Sisi Caro” while explaining to Business Starter said some people think that nail art is a new generation trend.

Advent of nails According her , the first nail polish appeared in 300 BC in China.

These were made from gelatin, yolk of egg, gum obtained from bees and also petals of flowers.

“But now the whole story changed.

Presently nail driers are also available which decreases the setting time of nail polish.

These are applied after polishing the nail.

Profit in the business One thing is certain, according to Caro, ladies and even men don’t like to go around looking unkempt, so they ensure they patronise them to look good.

She says many nail technicians take advantage of the weekends and festive seasons considering the large turn-out of their customers to hike charges.

On her part, a nail style that c ost N500 during week days goes for N1000 and above, while home service comes at exorbitant prices.

According to her, they are not really affected by low patronage adding that no matter what, women and ladies will always want to look good.

She further says these nail styles attract foreigners who come around to patronise them.

“At times I make up to N7000 or more in a day depending on the weather.

“So far, I can’t calculate how much I have made in this business but I am very comfortable.

I have been able to assist my husband train our children as well as assist my siblings children through school ” Some ladies opined that that nails tell a lot about the person.

This need is what the manicure and pedicure business is built around.

She explained that manicure and pedicure is the art of treating and beautifying the hands and feet respectively, with attention to the nails.

“It involves removing of dead cells, cuticles and dirt from the finger nails, toenails and also the application of varnish to make the nails beautiful” How they attract their customers From a distance, you hear their calls.

Singing your praises and giving you endearing pet names so you can patronise them.

Smiling and laughing amidst light banter, these women make a living of polishing women’s nails.

In her words “Whenever, we finish making our customer’s nails, they collect our numbers and call us afterwards to patronise us.

“Some even bring customers for us after they have seen the kind of nail styles we have made for them.

Start with training She said to start a manicure and pedicure business, one must have undergone training so as to know the basics.

It is important because basic knowledge of pedicure and manicure is paramount.

“Such person should have eyes for colors and should be interested in creating beautiful arts”

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