Mbah’s certificate: Group defends Enugu governor-elect, berates NYSC

Peter Mbah

A group, Concern Enugu Citizens (CEC), has alleged that recent statement credited to the Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Brigadier General Yushau’u Dogara Ahmed smacks of both court contempt and disrespect to the rule of law.

In a statement, CEC spokesman Mr Nkem Asogwa said, “The NYSC must raise its operations beyond the manipulation of political interests and partisan demagogues. The NYSC and the DG in charge must understand that Nigeria and Nigerians crave a new deal in governance where the best hands are allowed to serve.

“The service must therefore remove from allowing manipulative forces deploy it into settling political conflicts and power debacles. The time to shield our politics from the devious control of subversive forces is now. And we must urge those who superintend Parrastatals and Agencies of Government to be above board.

“The question about the Authenticity of the NYSC discharge Certificate of Barrister Peter Ndubuisi Mbah Governor-Elect of Enugu State is before the Courts, and has become the subject of litigation, therefore the action of the DG of the NYSC is not only reprehensible but lampoon-able.

“We are aware that sufficient investigation regarding the details of the said NYSC Certificate of Barrister Peter Mbah shows that the said certificate was validly issued by the NYSC, to have a DG who resumed office recently and has not grappled with the full details of the matter speak on National TV on a matter which is albeit sub- judice is worrisome and troubling.

“We the forum of CONCERNED ENUGU CITIZENS hereby implore the National Youth Service Corps NYSC, her DG and the Management to stay off partisan waters and allow the Rule of Law take its course.

“We also must state without equivocation that our Governor Elect is a law abiding citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and that his commitment to building a vibrant, prosperous and great Enugu State is unassailable.”

“Peter Mbah cannot and will not be pulled down or dragged into the ignoble list of those that have been destroyed by Politicians using the instrumentality of the NYSC as a witch-hunt.

“The NYSC must stay true to its pristine responsibility of serving the cause of National Integration, Orientation, Brotherhood and Oneness, and must rise above the partisan debacles of devious politicians.

“Finally, if the meddlesome-ness of the NYSC management in a matter presently before the Court does not abate, we shall be compelled to petition the Agency as well as prevail on the Courts to take serious steps to forbid the Service from further actions that border on contempt of Court.”

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