Labour Party’s political razzmatazz

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The current political brickbats are polluting the minds of Nigerians, especially southerners of Igbo extraction, who always go against the North, failing to realise the catastrophic consequences associated with that. The Igbo people are found in virtually every nook and cranny of this country.

Besides, Nigeria as a sovereign nation is practising democracy where the vast majority rule and make decisions. If we are to go with that fact the North will continue to rule Nigeria till the end of time. Also, northern politicians are very relevant on Nigeria’s political scene, and are always ready to protect the interest and decisions of their people.

Though, northern politicians feel it is not fair for them to dominate almost everything and then decide to go for power-shifting ideology right from party structuring and candidacy which was a way better to keep the country united despite its diverse nature.

However, the southern separatists are well known for their agitations, and motives to disunite Nigeria. After all, their shenanigan activities failed to materialise now they are consider to achieve that through a political means, bringing the issue of the tribe, region, and religion as part of its undemocratic campaign strategy.

Recently, the Labour Party (LP) moved to form a structure from the local government level and funny enough most of those claiming to be its newly appointed executives were All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members that infiltrated for the expected cheap financial gains associated with that. Please go and verify.

The hatred against the North that constitutes the vast majority of the country created by desperate politicians and separatists cannot yield positive results and the perpetrators of that will certainly end up in a gutter of shame. The region is blessed with both human and natural resources, intellectuals, business tycoons, and renowned and celebrated politicians, among others.

The Labour Party is a political movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) separatists who happens to be a threat to the peace, unity, progress, and development of this country as a political entity. Therefore, no sensible person with the spirit of jingoism will vote or campaign for perpetrators of disunity in the country regardless of religion, tribe, or political inclination.

The doctrine of an ideal democratic system around the world allows individuals to exercise their franchise regardless of region or political party. But the tradition here in Nigeria is that there must be a synergy between the geopolitical zones before a political movement becomes successful.

Unknowingly, out of strategic thinking, some few people were dumb to believe in the false statistics that is possible for a miracle to happen for somebody to rule Nigeria even without the massive support from the northern region, a region that has the highest population and the highest number of registered votes when it comes to elections. Undoubtedly, the aforementioned movement is indeed waking up northerners that power should remain in their hands.

Believe it or not, the north has been the epicenter of Nigerian politics. As a result, any evil plan against it will certainly not succeed.

History has it that our past heroes have struggled and some sacrificed their lives in keeping this country one and united despite its heterogeneous and diverse nature which is the strength, beauty, and essence of variety. Thus, their struggles shall never be in vain.

Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng,
Yola, Adamawa state.