Don advocates for innovative strategies in teaching at tertiary institutions

A Professor of Science Education, Kehinde Victoria Fatokun, has advocated for a transition from conventional methods of teaching to innovative strategies for transformational experiences that would enable tertiary institutions in the country produced highly skilled graduates that can compete favourably with their counterparts across the globe

Fatokun who is a lecturer at the department of science education, Federal University Lokoja, Kogi state, stated this while delivering the 18th Inaugural Lecture series of the institution titled, “Transforming Chemistry Instructional Practices : Navigating Through Resolving Learning Intricacies and Integration of Innovative Pedagogy” held at Adankolo campus of the university.

According to her, for tertiary institutions in Nigeria to succeed in their core mandate of producing competent and employable candidates, there should be a paradigm shift from exam-based learning to outcome-based learning, a shift from certificate-based learning to competence-based learning and a shift from ‘just’ salary-based teaching to impact-based teaching.

She pointed out that, the quantity and quality of teaching and learning experiences are what define a nation, and determine her productivity and advancement, noting that the adoption of innovative instructional approaches that emphasize the exhibition and promotion of 21st century skills are highly essential in teacher’s instructional practices for producing highly skilled graduates who can compete favourably with their counterparts worldwide in the current age of digitalization.

The University don therefore charged the management of the Federal University Lokoja to
organized workshops for all teaching staff to familiarize them with innovations in teaching, especially the use of modern techniques and learning technologies for their pedagogical skill development.

“Also, since teaching excellence is one of the crucial academic functions, the assessment of this key element should form part of the parameters for promotion of all academics at all levels. The burden of assessment should not be laid majorly on publications.

“The management should strive to provide enabling environment that will motivate both learner and teachers for enriched educational experiences, especially to enhance creativity and promote expertises through the provision of appropriate learning facilities” Prof. Fatokun advised.

While urging lecturers to develop intensive research and knowledge transfer culture that include all teaching and learning activities, Prof. Fatokun stressed the need for self development plan by individual lecturer in order to effectively tackle students’ learning issues.

In his opening speech, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Akinwumi Olayemi commended Professor Fatokun’s contributions to the field of chemistry, noting that her dedication to the advancement of science education are well known and highly respected both within Federal University Lokoja and beyond.

The Vice Chancellor, stated that the topic of lecture, “Transforming Chemistry Instructional Practices: Navigating through Resolving Learning Intricacies and Integration of Innovative Pedagogy,” is both timely and apt.

“In the rapidly changing landscape of higher education, the integration of innovative pedagogy is crucial for preparing our students to meet the demands of the future” the VC said.