Kudos to Professor Azinge

I will like to join other Nigerians to commend Professor Epiphany Azinge, the outgoing Director- General of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) for the marvellous job he did during his tenure as the Director- General of the institute.
During his tenure, Professor Azinge raised the profile of the institute to an enviable level through series of profound and intellectually stimulating activities he carried out as the Director-General. These activities included public lectures on topical legal and political issues, strategic round table sessions on national issues and convocation lectures. During his tenure he also produced for the first time, a set of PhD students. This is very laudable as this will no doubt help in enhancing needed legal manpower in the Law faculties of our universities.

I am not a lawyer and I do not know Professor Azinge but I followed his activities at the institute in the ‘Law Report section’ of The Nation. As an agronomist I was particularly happy that the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies under Professor Azinge in 2011 organized a a well focussed roundtable on Food Security in Nigeria. This roundtable highlighted the dire situation in our agricultural sector where the country is using a staggering US$4.2 billion to import food from less agriculturally endowed countries. This is an unacceptable situation and I thank NIALS for sensitizing our policy makers on this issue.
I wish the visionary Professor Azinge more successes in his future endeavours and I hope that his successor, Professor Deji Adekunle who is reputed to be a brilliant man would build on the resounding successes of Professor Azinge at the institute.

Prof. Olabode Lucas,
Ekiti State University,
Ado Ekiti