Injustice responsible for agitations for secession – Anglican


The Kaduna Diocese of Anglican Communion has called for national rebirth, restructuring and reformation of security agencies to address insecurity, noting that agitation for break up of Nigeria were as a result of perceived injustice at the centre.
Addressing the media after the 22nd Synod in Kaduna on Sunday, President of the Synod and Bishop of of the Diocese, Rt. Rev. Timothy Yahaya, said Nigeria should replace crude oil as major foreign export with fresh milk and palm oil, both of which sell at higher rate than crude oil, if the country wants to truly diversify its economy.

He said Nigeria sits on gold and should not be the poverty capital of the world, 
Rt. Rev. Timothy also urged the Federal Government to rise in defence of schools against banditry and kidnapping, saying that, next generation will not forgive the present if schools are shut down due to kidnapping.
“On the calls for break up of Nigeria. If you give Biafra today, only in Imo state the Okigwe and Orlu men will fight over who becomes the leader. If we have a problem as Nigerians, let us agree that we have a problem and solve the problem. All these idea of we want to leave is because there are problems in the current state of Nigeria. If those problems disappear, everyone will want to fly the flag of Nigeria and say I am a Nigerian. 

“Our leaders should not pretend that there is no problem, there problem in Nigeria: problem of marginalization, a problem of oppression, a problem of segregation, a problem of religious differences. People don’t think about Nigeria first, they think by their religion, region and tribes. Secessionists are calling for secession because there is injustice at the centre. But when everyone is happy, nobody will care who is a Yoruba, Tiv, Igbo or Kanuri, they will only see themselves as one Nigerians. 
“If we don’t restructure this country, to solve the numerous challenges we find ourselves, it is my prayer that this big and great nation, this wonderful and prosperous nation will not be submerged one day. May God forbid that. 
“We also call on all Nigerians to eschew hatred and all forms of bigotry. The people that are aggrieved should be called to the discussion table. We must remember that all the wars that have been fought in the history of the world were resolved on the discussion table. Blood and lives of human beings are sacred, therefore, all those that have grievances should come to the discussion table and solve the problems.
“On the attacks on schools, we are disturbed that it is only in Nigeria that things happen and happen again. The philosophy of Boko Haram is that, western education is a crime and today, they are attacking schools. They started in the North East and it is now spreading all over the place. One day, this country would not be able to run school. 

“Why are the schools not safe despite the ‘Safe the school initiative’? Where is the money for that project? It is only in Nigeria that you can budget for safe the school program and the schools are not safe. In Nigeria, the more you budget for power, the more darkness you have, the more you budget for security, the more insecure we are, what kind of a nation are we?
He said the rebirth and reformation of security architecture will help Nigerians address the unprecedented spate of violence, high level of stealing, mutual distrust and diversification of the monolithic economy. “If we want to practice federalism in Nigeria, let us practice federalism in the true sense of it. If we want to practice a unitary system of government, let us do that. These things are failing because we have a constitution that is confused,” he said.