In rescue of Adamawa pensioners

The essence of the creation of the pension boards across the strata of civil service is to take care of the civil servants, who have put in 35 years
in service or have attained the age of 60 years and retired from active service.

Thus, the Adamawa State Local Government Pension Board is charged with the sole responsibility of paying the pension and gratuity of the retired employees of the 21 local governments of the state.

Therefore, it is imperative for the government to look for a credible, honest person to steer the ship of the board. Governor Ahmadu Fintri of Adamawa state has done a great job by appointing a seasoned administrator to chair the board.

The appointment of Mr. John Medugu, as the chairman of the board by Governor Fintri, is the best thing to happen to the state. Since his appointment as the chairman and his able commissioners, the board has undergone a lot of transformation due to the commitment as well as the dexterity of the chairman.

On his assumption of duty, the chairman set in motion the necessary machinery to have the accurate data of the local government pensioners on the list of each local government as well as the accumulated amount being paid as pension. Before his coming, it was easy to find people, who have retired but are not enlisted into the payroll for at least five years and above.

A committee was set up and it went round the local government areas to ascertain those still living and those that have died and whose names were still on the voucher. This has greatly assisted in putting a lot of retirees on the voucher for monthly payment of pension. Also, the total accumulation of the gratuity was computed thereby giving an inkling to the state government in knowing the total amount of money owed to the pensioners.

As as a seasoned administrator, the chairman with his members of the board, reviewed the method of paying pension and gratuity to first come first served. This has put a stop to favouritism in payment of pension.

Governor Fintri has done the right thing by appointing the present chairman and the members, who are assidously working round the clock to solve the teething problems facing the pension board, which hampered the smooth dispensation of the pension for many years.

What seemed irredeemable many years in the board has been redeemed by the new chairman, Medugu, and his team and pensioners are smiling home.

I am glad that the present leadership of the pension board has been vindicated, considering the commendation on transparency and accountability at the board. We are grateful that the mandate of the Local Government Pension Board in Adamawa State is being fulfilled under the watch of the present chairman.

Usman Garba Santuraki,
No 2, Santuraki Close,
Demsawo, Jimeta, Yola,
Adamawa state