How we’ve been able to tackle cybercrime in Union Bank – Ekezie-Ekaidem

The Chief Brand and Marketing Officer of Union Bank Plc, Ogochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem has opened up on how the bank has been able to tackle cybercrime and protects its customers’ from e-fraudsters.

At an online interaction in Lagos, Ekezie-Ekaidem said the protection put in place by her bank to keep the e-fraudsters at bay is very active.

“What all of us know is that this pandemic has forced us all into digital life, whether we like it or not. And we see that that has happened also on the customers’ side. In the past when people were resistant to adopting digital channels, we have now seen less resistance and more people are getting on board.

“We will continue to push promos; we will continue to push our platform and encourage our customers, who are not on our platform, to get on the platform, understand that it is the easiest and safer way for them to bank in this day of a pandemic. We will continue to push to make sure that our customers are on board because it is important for us; we have made a lot of investment across the platform.

“Cybercrime is a global problem. In the last couple of weeks ago, I know how many major global companies have been hit by either hacking. The industry is already focusing on it. The more you move to digital channels, the more everything goes online, you start to see a rise and we are seeing a rise for sure in this era.

“And what you have to do is to make sure you have an IT infrastructure that is able because every day, a new technology, a new way of defrauding people comes up. Everybody has to be two steps ahead of the criminals. You have to make sure that your system is as foolproof as possible.

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