Heirs Energies, charging Nigeria’s businesses with domestic gas supply

Heirs Energies, Africa’s leading integrated energy company, has announced a further expansion of its gas supply business, supplying the recently commissioned 188 MW power plant operated by Geometric Power Limited, located in Aba, Abia state.

Heirs Energies is a leading provider of gas to the Nigerian National Grid, and already supplies TransAfam Power Limited, with a capacity of 966MW, and First Independent Power Limited (FIPL), with a capacity of 541MW. Heirs Energies also supplies gas to local distribution companies, gas-based industries, and other industrial customers.

Founded in 2021, Heirs Energies operates OML17 and related infrastructure, with a mission to ensuring that Nigerian businesses and consumers derive direct and ongoing benefit from the country’s natural resources. All gas produced from OML 17 is supplied to the domestic gas industry.

Heirs Energies is pioneering a new era in Nigeria’s energy sector. With the operation of OML17 and its associated assets, the company has been pivotal in ensuring a reliable and sustainable gas supply, directly contributing to the nation’s industrial and economic growth. Heirs

Energies’ gas supplies to these critical power plants not only reinforce its major role in Nigeria’s energy sector, but also underscore its strategic vision in developing operational synergies throughout the energy value chain.

Osa Igiehon, CEO of Heirs Energies, praised the company’s growing impact: “Our ability to supply these three major power plants demonstrates Heirs Energies’ dedication to lighting up Nigeria and supporting our country’s journey towards economic and social prosperity.   We are not just participants in the energy sector; we are facilitators of growth and development, driven by a mission to ensure that Nigeria’s natural resources benefit its people.”