Dear Governor Buni of Yobe 

Your Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe state, I wish to draw your attention to the urgent matter concerning the completion of the upgrade of Machina Primary Health Centre (PHC) to a general hospital, as you approved sometimes in June 2022 as published by many national dailies.

It has been almost three years since you granted approval for the upgrade, and while many PHCs out of the seven you approved across Yobe state have seen progress or are currently undergoing upgrades, Machina PHC has unfortunately been left in a state of abandonment for over two years now. This has had a negative impact on the delivery of health services to the community.

The delay and non-completion of the upgrade have resulted in severe consequences for the residents of Machina and the surrounding areas. Without the necessary medical equipment and infrastructure upgrades that come with a general hospital status, the provision of essential healthcare services is severely compromised.

The lack of adequate medical equipment means that crucial diagnostic and treatment procedures cannot be performed, resulting in delays in patient care and potentially worsening health outcomes. Additionally, the outdated infrastructure of the PHC further hampers the delivery of quality healthcare services, as it does not meet the standards required for a general hospital.

The consequences of this situation are dire, with residents of Machina and neighbouring communities being deprived of access to essential medical services that they desperately need. Lives are at stake, and urgent action is required to rectify this situation.

I urge you to prioritise the completion of the upgrade of Machina PHC to a general hospital and disburse the necessary resources to ensure that this project is completed without further delay. The health and well-being of the people should always be your top priority, and you must take immediate action to address this pressing issue.

Baba Abdullahi Machina,

Machina, Yobe state