Anambra: ‘Mighty Uche Fancy’ reveals plans for wrestling development

A veteran wrestler, Mr Uchenna Animoke, Tuesday, vowed to restore the glory of the unique sport in Anambra state by establishing wrestling clubs and organising wrestling competitions to create opportunities for youth.

Animoke, popularly known as ‘Mighty Uche Fancy’ in his active days, who disclosed this in an interview with newsmen, argued that he would achieve this if he becomes the Chairman of Anambra Wrestling Association (AWA).

According to him, by creating the opportunity, talented youth would compete and win medals for state, nationally and internationally.

Animoke, who is the proprietor of the popular Mighty Fancy Super Star Club, Fegge in Onitsha, a place of training combat sports fighters such as wrestling, Taekwondo, Karate and Judo, said inauguration of Anambra Wrestling Association (AWA) is scheduled later this year.

He recalled that Anambra state is rich with human resources that can make it wrestling hub in Nigeria.

“You remember, Mike Okpala, popularly known as Power Mike is from here, the association under my leadership will seek to bring back the glorious days of Anambra wrestling,” he stated.