FAO advocates strengthening of water, agric production systems

As the world mark the 2021 World Water Week, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has called for the development of resilient water resource management and agricultural production systems.

The statement which the UN agency posted on its website said in an era of anthropogenic-induced environmental change defined by increasing hydrometeorological variability – exemplified by an increase in the severity and intensity of extreme weather events precipitating floods and droughts – significant stress is and will be further exerted on water resources and food production systems.

FAO said it is critical to develop and strengthen resilient water resource management and agricultural production systems, set within an operational framework of effect governance arrangements promoting equitable resource access to all.

It also revealed that the session on groundwater, the so-called invisible resource critical in sustaining agricultural production in many arid and semi-arid zones, will be introduced and discussed in the content of agricultural production and resilience, and forthcoming events taking place next year, the UN-Water designated international year of groundwater.

“The session on water tenure and governance will present a number of case studies followed by discussions to highlight the nuances and diversity of interactions between actors at different scales and sectors within the governance arena, in order to understand and strengthen water and food security for all.

“The voices from the field session will provide insights from the ground, sharing the perspective of the most vulnerable people who are facing these challenges every day. This session will share interviews with beneficiaries form local action of water management for food, health and nutrition,” the statement reads.