Fans mob David Beckham in queue to see Queen Elizabeth II

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Football legend David Beckham was mobbed while he was spotted queuing in London as he joined thousands waiting to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state.

Many were still waiting to thank Her late Majesty for her seven decades of public service as at the time of filling this report on Friday.

Pictures on social media showed fellow members of the queue to Westminster Hall holding their phones in the air to capture a picture of the 47-year-old former footballer as he waited to pay his respects.

Twitter user @NowThenSunshine said Beckham was “just a few lines behind us in the snake”.

They tweeted: “The Queue is now full of people trying to photograph David Beckham and forgetting to actually move onwards.

“It’s madness!

“I feel a bit sorry for him, but he’s taking it very well.

“It’s made me almost forget that we’ve been in The Queue almost TWELVE HOURS though.”

Another social media user shared an image and said: “David in the queue with the rest of us to pay his respects… fair play fella.”

Beckham has previously paid tribute follwoing the Queen’s death last week when he said she “served her country with dignity and grace”.

He said on Instagram: “I’m truly saddened by the death of Her Majesty, The Queen. What an outpouring of love and respect we saw for the Platinum Jubilee for her life of service.

“How devastated we all feel today shows what she has meant to people in this country and around the world. How much she inspired us with her leadership. How she comforted us when times were tough.

“Until her last days she served her country with dignity and grace. This year she would have known how loved she was. My thoughts and prayers are with our Royal Family…”

The Queen who lived till 96, died last Thursday.