#EndSARS and our missing conscience

Nigeria is a country where citizens delight in unrewarding drudgery. As a nation, some persons believe Nigeria has no existential codes or laws, which confers on citizens the obligation of compliance. Disorderliness has deeply entrenched its roots in the country. That’s the vignettes of the bleakness of life in Nigeria.

It depicts the nocturnal symbolism of bleakness or nothingness in the poem, “Rhapsody on a Windy Night,” published in 1917 by celebrated American master poet, T.S Eliot. The everyday struggles of committed leaders to make Nigeria a better country and a proud nation are devitalized by the subversive actions of a few.

And when one looks at the personages influencing and flaunting these aberrant actions against the state, it becomes clear as expressed by the confused speaker in T.S Eliot’s cited poem, who talks about “lunar synthesis,” a symbology of “madness” reflective in meaningless incantations and exertions on the State.

It expresses the despair and depressions caused genuine leaders by “mad” egoists and conmen flagging the portrait of patriotism. But inside their hearts are actively functional chambers of the devil’s office, pushing them to mendacities and spiteful siege on the state. A nation or state exits because there are citizens and vice versa.

Nigerians started a fresh week, on Monday December, 14th 2020, with assailing media reports credited to the disgusting civil society organization by the nomenclature, Alliance for Survival of COVID-19 and Beyond, (ASCAB). It claims the flagship of a coalition with 80 other civil rights organizations’ operating in the country. Whether Nigeria has 80 civil society organizations numerated today, appears more like fantasy. Perhaps, others in the conglomeration of 80 have their identities and offices located in the skies.

But Nigeria’s human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, who has a record of dubiously conniving with some of his clients to feign “severe ailment,” to create escape path against justice is also a leading leader of ASCAB. He has drafted a few lawyers, some of whom are also Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) like Mr. Chino Obiagwu (SAN) into the flagrant abuse of Nigeria’s extant laws and scamming of their country.

In a public statement, titled a “Call for Complaints of Human Rights Violations by Police, Military and Other Law Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria,” ASCAB boldly and dubiously usurped the powers of the state and law courts to institute independent probes on public matters of legal status outside their jurisdiction. What is most intriguing is not really, the foolishness of the intended actions; but the mulishness of some learned men of the silk and gown to desecrate the law in the pretext of seeking of justice.

And the pig- heads of this deliberate violation of subsisting laws of Nigeria and mindless/illegal eroding of powers of the state in commanding the instruments of law and justice for the citizenry are Falana and Obiagwu, but both of them parades the distinctive title of SANs. Indeed, ASCAB’s public statement as signed by Chino Obiagwu (SAN), assigned the bogus position of ASCAB’s “probe” panel’s chairman. So, Obiagwu serves both as Panel chairman and ASCAB Secretary or its publicist? One-man show for those who can denote the diction.

Cast any Nigerian in the most noxious lion’s den like the Holy Scriptures reveals of Daniel, he won’t recant his decision that both Falana and co-travellers in this disreputable outing are oblivious of the consciously unlawful infringement on the exclusive rights/powers of the State and the Judiciary. What does Falana and members of his odious sect want for Nigeria?

An excerpt from ASCAB public statement reads; “All interested victims regardless of whether they have approached the OFFICIAL (emphasis mine) commissions of inquiry set up by the State Governments or not can submit memos to the Citizens Tribunal.” By this implicative confession as reflected, Falana and his gang also knows, the ASCAB independent probe is a scam of Nigeria and Nigerians.

It is Falana who is a lawyer. So, he is challenged to explain to Nigerians and the world which section or clause in the Nigerian Constitution which allows civil society organizations or individuals to institute judicial probes in matters of state security; and more feloniously, simultaneously with JCIs constituted by the State?

And in open propagation of emptiness or brainlessness, ASCAB again persuades and quips; “To this end, all victims that have submitted a petition to the official commissions of inquiry should indicate if they have, and specify which of the commissions they submitted their petitions to. This will enable us follow up and track petitions at the official commissions.”

Only madmen, embark on a voyage without making the necessary arrangements to get to the destination. Its foolhardy to depend on a system which Falana’s actions have already discredited. Let ASCAB and Falana be told that they would never be allowed to strike the unholy and criminal alliance with any official and lawful JCIs.

There is no better explication of Falana’s actions other than the barefaced reality that #EndSARS protests was planned to be executed in phases. The first phase was the experience of Nigerians waking up to encounter the violent protests, bloodbath, rape of women, awful destructions to public and private properties. Nigeria initially mistook it as peaceful protests and so, it succeeded with even relics of gruesome murders of soldiers, policemen and civilians by the protesters.

Phase II of #EndSARS protests manifested in the feeble attempts by the likes of Sowore to stage another round of violent protests in Abuja, and other mega cities in Nigeria. But it did not succeed. Thanks to the eagle eyes of security agents. In all these versions of #EndSARS, Falana, the godfather and the same people regrouping now were the overt and covert forces behind it in the guise of fighting human rights.

And now, the demigod, Falana feeling frustrated enough has decided to take the bull by the horns by personally. The present chants by ASCAB to constitute independent panels of inquiry across Nigeria into allegations of police brutality and extra-judicial killings as symbolized by SARS is another doomed reincarnation of #EndSARS protests.

The intendment of Falana and coy is to undermine and discredit the lawful and official probes into SARS malfeasances as currently investigated by Judicial Commission of Inquiries (JCIs) set up throughout the 36 states of the federation, including Abuja, as directed by the Presidency. And Nigerians are expecting official reports, with recommendations when the panels conclude sittings.

Nigeria is truly a wasteland! The excitement of Falana and his gang of reneges are pursuing a mission, activated by some foreign forces, who are relentless in seeing to the destabilization of Nigeria. The US Dollars believed to have been offered them is the irresistible bait. But they should be reasonable enough to enjoy their bounty and allow other Nigerians have some peace or respite from psychological torture.

And in order not to disappoint their foreign sponsors, Mr. Obiagwu SAN, generously revealed the spread of tentacles by the ASCAB illegal probe panel to flaunt a sign of seriousness in these words; “…the panel will hold public sittings at various locations across Nigeria to hear oral testimonies of complainants and demand accountability from the concerned law enforcement agency.” What guts?

But Nigerians know what the likes of Falana and the destructive allies, plot in dark rooms against Nigeria. The financiers are no longer secret, same as what motivates the likes of Falana. The detailed programming of the execution of the third phase of #EndSARS protests as spearheaded by Falana’s ASCAB are also open secrets now.

Impeccable security sources, which have painstakingly monitored the planned phase III reinvigoration of #EndSARS protests have alleged that Falana and ASCAB have taken custody of substantial dollars pushed to the group by these foreign actors against Nigeria. The grand plot is to destabilize Nigeria and discredit the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari by all means possible, using compromised citizens like Falana.

The truth is that the Lagos judicial probe panel so far, has nothing incriminating to indict the Army over the Lekki incident of October 20, 2020 as expected by the Falanas. Angered deeply, Falana and his goons, including DJ Switch are jittery that their poorly contrived lies would eventually be exposed when the Lagos probe panel releases the official report.

These unpatriotic elements are bent on tarnishing the image of security agencies especially the Nigerian Army. It’s obvious, leading promoters and sponsors of #EndSARS like Falana are targeting the COAS, Lt. Gen. TY Buratai, whom they want to crucify at all cost. The conspiracy to persecute leaders of Nigeria’s security agencies is impenetrable.

Therefore, Falana, his acolytates and masters are less concerned about the killings of soldiers, police personnel; the destructions, the lootings, vandalizations, theft of private and public properties by #EndSARS protestors by launching an illegal and diversionary independent probe. Or else, how could anybody figure an independent body of inquiry by individuals, unlawfully competing with the JCIs set up by Government?

Security sources have also alleged that ASCAB probe would have some hired military men, with their faces covered to present damaging reports against the COAS and their foreign co-conspirator in the media, CNN is already waiting to give the panel exceptional coverage and publicity alongside pliant local media.

So, part of the Phase III of #EndSARS tacit protests is evident in the illegal ASCAB independent probe panel, hence the dollars have already landed in their kitty. Falana, what again do you want from Nigeria and who is beating the drums for you and your clique to destabilize Nigeria? Is Falana saying that the various probe panels can’t do their work again? Are they saying that they have no confidence in the eminent Nigerians that are on the panels at various levels in different states in Nigeria?

Is Falana the most credible Nigerian alive today? It can never be true because a lawyer with integrity will not connive with his client facing trial on breach of national security to assist him escape judgment. Enough of Falana’s destructive plots and noise.

Ainoko wrote this piece from Kaduna.

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