Ebonyi @25: Umahi ‘ll be remembered for track of progress by Egu Richard

Ebonyi state governor Dave Umahi

Ebonyi state is 25years, the state which was one of the six state created by General Sanni Abacha on Oct 1996, from the old Abakaliki division of Enugu and old division of Abia State.

Ebonyi State is a state predominantly by agriculture and many lives on farm produce, and it’s fast growing economic hulb among the 36state of the federation
Ebonyi state return to democratic system of government in 1999 when Dr Sam Omiyi Egwu became the first civilian Governor of Ebonyi State, he ruled from may 29 1999 to may 29 2007 as a two term Governor of Ebonyi State. Thereafter Chief Martin Elechi became the second civilian Governor from May 29 2007 to 29 May 2015 which gave way to the emergence of His Excellency Chief Engr. David Nweze Umahi FNSE FNATE, as the third executive governor of Ebonyi State.

Prior to HE coming on board as Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief Umahi was the Deputy Governor of the previous Governor of the state, I.e Elechi administration.
Been a former Deputy Governor, Chief Umahi have exposed to the areas at which the State is lacking, he is a man that God purposefully designed to help and safe Ebonyi State, he was initially the Deputy south east Chairman of PDP before he became the Deputy Governor of Ebonyi, when he came on board, he knows what exactly the good people of Ebonyi State want and as a result of his planned  agenda.

I can say categorically that Chief Umahi Administration is divinely made to rescue the people of Ebonyi State, to me this is the best administration since the inception of the state, sincerely it will be very difficult to see in history any administration that will match half way of the Governor Umahi performance
Governor Umahi has changed the narratives of Ebonyi State, initially the state was known for slavery, it’s always a show of shame to claim to be a citizen of Ebonyi State while far away, due to how the people are considered as been so primitive, but today we have a new positive story that makes all concerned responsible Ebonyians to smiles with how state shine, many have been trooping into the state for establishment of industries and big Firms as a result of the current administration giving ways of handling investors hence giving them a soft and smooth landing, coupled with peaceful environment.

We have actually seen a crystal difference in the areas of Education, Economic development, Agricultural revolution and infrastructural developments of the state under there Leadership of His Excellency Engr Chief David Nweze Umahi.

Sincerely, Ebonyi State have turned to economic hub of the Nation, the results are there and clear to see for all that Dave is the best thing that has ever happened to Ebonyi State.

The opportunities for the youths of Ebonyi state in the present Government is enourmous and can not be overemphasised, the youths are more opportune to achieve thier aim In the present day Ebonyi State,  because Governor Umahi is a youth friendly Leader and he has shown is concern for the youths expecially in the areas of empowerment, many political offices were given to the youths, youths are the major benefactors in the government of David  Umahi.

More also, the youth are been empowered strongly by the current administration in Ebonyi State, this will make them responsible youths with zero tolerance for thuggery and other social vices as a result of been engaged into stuffs that aid in meeting up with thier daily needs.

As we speak,there is an ongoing recruitment process of about 30,000 workers into the public service in Ebonyi State. in addition, scores of projects in the state are been handled by indigenes and youth of the State this is to ensure that poverty is strongly driven away from the state.

The achievement of Chief David Umahi cannot be over emphasized , because the physicality is there for all to see, there have been obvious development and midas tourch in the nooks and crannies of Ebonyi State. Human capital development,youths development program, inclusiveness and Government transparency, the AKUBARAOHA YOUTH ASSEMBLY is also a motor to drive the youth stake in the Government, which has the youths as its executives right from the ward , Local to State level all these are part of the measures of Chief David Umahi to integrate youths into politics and leadership State.

To this end ,I will say if there is anyone criticizing this current administration of Ebonyi State are the  haters of good things and enemies of progress.

As the state celebrate her silver Jubilee,it’s a thing of joy and I must applaud his Excellency for this far he has performed and turned things around in the State, we cannot because of politics call white a black, Chief David Nweze Umahi has performed excellently well, despite the pausity of fund, meagre resources, the great achievement of this administration will forever remain in the topmost part of our heart.

Indeed, Ebonyi State is on the right path of needed development and progress
Having seen your style of leadership, we cannot afford to loose you for another better position come 2023, the entire Ebonyi State Youths, South East youths passed a vote of confidence on Chief David Umahi to contest for the position of Nigeria President come 2023,  we are confidence that Nigeria shall be great if an individual like you take charge of the Nation.

Egu Richard, Elder’s Council/Adviser, Akubaraoha Youth Assembly, Ivo Local Government.

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