Crucial things you need to know in latest Visa application rules to UK

The United Kingdom (UK) has made stricter amendments to its immigration laws, further tightening the already stringent regulations governing the entry of foreigners into the country.

UK said it would raise the minimum salary threshold for a skilled worker visa and prevent overseas health and social care staff from bringing family dependents to Britain.

Here are crucial things you need to know in latest Visa application rules to UK:

1. The plan would result in 300,000 fewer people coming to the UK in the coming years.

2. Workers will need to earn at least £38,700 to obtain a visa, up from £26,200, while care workers will be barred from bringing in dependants from next April.

3. The revision will encourage businesses to look to British talent first and invest in their workforce, helping UK to deter employers from over-relying on migration, whilst bringing salaries in line with the average full-time salary for these types of jobs.

4. The government will also increase the minimum income required for British citizens and those settled in the UK who want their family members to join them.

5. All those who want to work and live in UK must be able to support themselves, contributing to the economy, and are not burden.

6. Although health and social care workers are exempted, they would only be prevented from bringing family dependents

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