Bullion records’ GyC delivers thought-provoking message with new single ‘Woman’

Bullion Records’ latest sensational artiste, Fortune Kingsley Ukeme, professionally known as GyC, stole the spotlight at the exclusive premiere of his new single,

“Woman,” at Casper & Gambini’s Lounge, located in Ikeja City Mall, Lagos. The star-studded event, held on the night of Saturday, May 4, 2024, transcended into the early hours of May 5, 2024, as esteemed guests flocked to honor the occasion.

The red carpet affair commenced at 10 p.m. on Saturday, May 4, welcoming dignitaries who graced the event with their presence. GyC, the host artiste, exuded charisma as he engaged with the media, offering insights into the inspiration behind his latest musical masterpiece.

In an exclusive interview, GyC expressed gratitude for the overwhelming reception of “Woman” since its release on Friday, May 3, 2024. He remarked, “The acceptance of ‘Woman’ by Nigerians demonstrates that music with profound lyrics resonates deeply with discerning music enthusiasts.”

Delving into the thematic essence of “Woman,” GyC unveiled its multifaceted significance, citing both worldly and spiritual interpretations. He emphasized, “The essence of ‘Woman’ extends beyond musical enjoyment; it celebrates the innate beauty and purpose of women.”

GyC elucidated on the song’s poignant chorus: “God Made Man”, “Man Made Money”, “God Made Woman”, and “To Chop Man’s Money”, underscoring its thought-provoking message. He asserted, ” ‘Woman’ implores listeners to contemplate the essence of life and cherish the role of women in society.”

Reflecting on the broader impact of “Woman,” GyC hailed it as a transformative addition to the Nigerian music landscape. He declared, “This single heralds a new era for Bullion Records and embodies our commitment to delivering exceptional musical content.”

Furthermore, GyC emphasized the song’s advocacy for the care and appreciation of women, irrespective of their roles. He stressed, “Every woman deserves to be nurtured and provided for, whether as a mother or a partner.”

GyC envisioned “Woman” as a timeless anthem that transcends generations, resonating with audiences for years to come. With its profound message and infectious melody, “Woman” stands as a testament to GyC’s artistry and Bullion Records’ dedication to musical excellence.

During an interview with our correspondent, Mr. Femi Ajibola, the Managing Director of Bullion Records, emphasized the success of GyC’s single “Woman,” attributing it to the artist’s talent and the visionary direction of Bullion Records.

Ajibola expressed his undeniable pride in GyC’s achievement, stating that “Woman” marks a pivotal moment in shaping the label’s legacy within the Nigerian music scene.

He highlighted the significance of the song’s lyrics, describing it as a catchy tune performed effortlessly by a highly talented artist.

According to Ajibola, GyC’s versatility allows him to address various themes, whether related to current events in the country or personal experiences, showcasing his prowess as an artist.

The premiere of “Woman” not only marked a significant milestone in GyC’s career but also celebrated the enduring essence of womanhood, leaving an indelible mark on the Nigerian music industry.