Breaking: Confusion as explosion hits Maiduguri, 10 dead, 47 injured

Multiple rocket launchers or artillery from unknown destination and sources were thrown into Maiduguri city and suburbs of the metropolis around 6.27 pm Tuesday, killing 10 residents.

Up to 47 people were also wounded just as valuable property got destroyed.

No fewer than 10 rockets were actually fired into the heart of Maiduguri and nine boys were killed while playing football at Gwange, near the house of the Late General Mamman Shuwa when rockets landed in the area.

One person was killed and many injured in Adamkolo near the Shehu of Borno’s palace from the rockets.

The terrorists tried to capitalise on the confusion to invade the city but fighter jets and helicopter gunships were scrambled into the air and surface troops stood their ground to repel the attacks.

Security sources confirmed the attacks and told Blueprint in Maiduguri, Borno state capital that the situation was under control while air task force team and soldiers were mobilised to sites.

According to the sources, details of the attacks were yet to be ascertained however, investigation was ongoing while the situation was being  controlled and contained as the military was on top of the matter and soldiers deployed.

Meanwhile, an eye witness in Layin Maukaciya, Bulabulin area of Maiduguri city, Musty Kalla, told our correspondent that, “We saw rockets  or artillery as people are seen coming from the direction of London Ciki Coasten area, numbering about three or four falling down on people’s houses and on the streets.” 

“One fell here in Layin Maukaciya, killing two people instantly while many were rushed to UMTH hospital and State Specialist Hospital immediately for medical attention. 

“Actually, we are confused and don’t know what is happening. We just saw these rockets coming when we were preparing for the Magrib prayers as most mosques by then were calling for the Magrib prayer. 

“Yes, people were scared and some started running for their dear life. We even heard that people were also running away at Adam Kolo area of Ali Kotoko Street which not far from this street.”

Another eye witness, Malam Suleiman Ahmed, said, “We heard heavy sound nearby and shortly after at Ali Kotoko road, Bulabulin area. 

“When we were about to start our magrib prayer by the roadside  immediately after the call to prayer, one of the rocket fell close to us which fell on a Mercedes Benz car parked along the road not far from us and scattered everywhere killing some passersby, injuring others and destroying property. 

“Come and see how everybody was taking to his or her heels including the children and housewives for safety towards the Monday Market area and Baban Layin. 

“And that is the prayer we could not be able to perform as tension and oandamonium took over everywhere sir. Even me that I am talking to you now, my brother, we have relocates to Bulumkutu area of Maiduguri to stay with our relations. I am even aware that some of my neighbours have also relocated to their in laws places at bolori and Abuja talakwa areas.”

A CJTF official  in Zannari area of London Ciki told Blueprint correspondent that, “it is true. There was a rocket launcher thrown at Kaleri outskirts of Maiduguri which killed scores of residents and those wounded are responding to treatment at the emergency wards of UMTH. 

“And also that of the General Hospital as some were rushed there instead of crowding or congesting  the UMTH. But the actual numbers of casualties are yet to be known hence the attacks are in different  three to four places. 

“It is our men, the civil defence officials and good Samaritans I saw helping out uptil now even with the arrival of the military at the scene while helicopter is seen flying around.”

As at the time of filing in this report, the military and police were yet to release any statement on the attacks, the causes and sources of the rockets or artillery.

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