Benue State University, this is scam

The recent screening of candidates for masters’ degree programmes in mass communication and other social science courses at the Benue State University, Makurdi and the rejection of almost halve of the candidates by the university after spending a lot of money to process the admission and equally being offered the admission by the university before screening them out is equivalent to scam.

In April 2016, Benue State University increased her school fees but her students protested and it was canceled. After a while, the university purposely failed almost all her students Entrepreneurship Course so that the students will pay N2000 as a registration fee to rewrite the course even though the course in question supposed to be taught free but the school has imposed a fee of N2000 for the course and tagged it registration fee. In a class of 740 students, less than 100 students were allowed to pass the course, and that was even better because some classes their situation was worst.

The university was desperately in need of funds and the management was did everything desperately to generate revenue for the school. Note that the state government even owed the lecturers for several months at the time this was going on. Therefore, the university extorts her students and candidates whenever she is broke but this has not been happening until the arrival of the current VC, Professor Moses Kembe. His tenure is coming to an end soon. Let him go before he turns the university into a commercial hub instead of being an academic institution.    

The school should not forget that each candidate spent almost N40, 000 to process the admission in question and the entire amount spent went to the university’s account. The admission has been offered to the candidates before disqualifying them at the screening ground. This appeared more as scam than the so called new NUC’s order as claimed by the university.

The new order or law from NUC as claimed by the university should not affect those who applied for their masters before the establishment of the law, should not affect those who processed the admission before the initiation of the law and should not affect those who have been already given admission. Ideally, an order of this kind takes effect after a proper communication and arrangement to get the concerned people informed and the order or law cannot be backdated to affect innocent people. 

Let me remind the university that there are information books such as brochure, where the information about the school including the guidelines for candidates interested in coming to take various courses with the school are published, and every other necessary information about the school are equally published to guide candidates.

Therefore, the new NUC law was not made known to the affected candidates. This law cannot manifest now and affect the innocent candidates. If it must stand, then, the entire amount spent by each candidate should be refunded or this will be tagged scam.

Awunah Pius Terwase,

Mpape, Abuja.


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