Aside Lampard, here are Premier League managers with best records in first 10 games

Frank Lampard’s return to Chelsea has not been fun, managing only to draw once in his last 10 games. Unlike him, most managers usually have good results, at least in most of their first few fixtures. We shall review some of the best records for PL league coaches in their first 10 ten games.

1.    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – Manchester United

Ole Gunnar’s appointment to Manchester United was more of a heroic return, having played for the Red Devils during his prime. He was appointed after Mourinho’s departure, a hint of the pressure he would get. His side gathered 8 wins and 2 draws, totaling 26 points, making him the most successful manager in the history of the EPL in a ten-game run.

Manchester was a bettors’ favorite in the fixtures, Ole’s men prevailing even in bigger games, like the 0-0 draw against Liverpool. With the betway app download, you can try your luck with the recent Erik Ten Hag’s squad, portraying Ole Gunnar’s winning culture.

2.    Guus Hiddink – Chelsea

Guus Hiddink came to the team after the firing of Luis Felipe Scolari and took charge of the 08/09 season, going ahead to get 25 points, broken ten years later (18/19) by Ole Gunnar.

He came to Chelsea at a time of need, when the legend Didier Drogba was struggling, and helped him get his form back. The performance early in his interim career impressed the then-Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, getting him an extended contract at the Blues.

3.    Multiple Coaches With 24 Points

You can expect multiple managers to tie, considering the competitiveness of the EPL. Let’s look at some popular coaches who’ve attained the totals during their first 10 games.

Carlo Ancelotti -Chelsea

The Italian’s 24 points in ten matches pushed Chelsea to win the League title on 09/11. Ancelloti was fired the following season after a run of poor fixtures.

Frank Clark – Nottingham Forest

Going back to 1993, Nottingham had one of the best promotion stories, where coach Frank’s first 10 matches run shocked everyone. The team would slightly dip, finishing an impressive third.

Maurizio Sarri – Chelsea

Sarris’s first ten games were also special for most Betway fans, where the points gathered helped the Blues finish third. Additionally, his season was capped off by winning the Europa League.

4.    Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho With 23 Points

Pep Guardiola – Manchester City

Pep now sits as one of the best EPL coaches behind Legends, like Alex Ferguson. He continued his Spanish and German success culture, having coached Barcelona and Bayern Munich. There was a prediction of his excellent start, also coming in handy for many Betway bettors.

Jose Mourinho – Chelsea

Mourinho is still Chelsea’s best-ever coach, and his 2004 spell has him tied with long-term rival Pep Guardiola.

Other Coaches with 23 Points

  • Luiz Felipe Scolari – Chelsea (2007)
  • Mike Walker – Norwich (1992)
  • Tim Sherwood – Tottenham (2014)


Chelsea’s excellent streak with new coaches is finally ending, as observed with managers like Lampard and Graham Potter. Nonetheless, any coach dreams of having an impactful impression on a new team at the start of their career. The above are some of the best, where an example of Pep and Ancelloti will face in the UCL semis.