Ashoka to launch movement ‘Everyone a Change maker’ in Abuja

Abuja City gate

All plans are on deck for Ashoka and partners to launch a movement ” Everyone a Change maker” to share ideas strategize and build trust among their revolutionary core of co-leaders and enabling cross-cutting relationship and networking among partners .

Ashoka -Innovators for the public is an International non-profit organization which builds and cultivates communities of change leaders who see the world and requires everyone to be a change maker.

The Venture and Fellowship manager, Anglophone West Africa, Ashoka Africa, Mr Ikenna Anyadike said the essence of the movement is because they believe that the world will surely be a much better place where every Nigerian, every African and everyone world -over realises and owns their power to contribute to the common good of all.

He said to realise the vision, the media, TV and all must play a frontline role as champions of each movement.

He said the historic national launch of the movement was held in Lagos on May,11th,2022 and Each movement in Abuja is slated for June,23rd,while Enugu is slated for July 28th, 2022.

He also explained that the movement will feature real-life stories, dialogue ,panel discussion, presentation, interviews and other opportunities for the media to capture messages and content for dissemination.

He said we now live in a world which is defined by change ,complexity and uncertainty adding that to thrive in this new world, we need a new framework which enables us to understand our continuously evolving reality and co-create solutions for the common good of all.

In his words; “It takes a village to raise a child; it takes an ecosystem to shift mindsets; and it takes a system-change approach to shift society into the new reality.

“This is Ashoka partners with the media partners with the media ,publishers ,teachers ,students and others who are already reaching everyone daily across the nooks and cranny of Nigeria to spread the “Everyone a Change maker” movement,” he said.

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