2023 elections: Majority of Nigerians have PVC – Poll 

A new public opinion poll conducted by NOIPolls has revealed that 80 percent of adult Nigerians say they have collected their permanent voter’s card ahead of the 2023 general elections. 

On the other hand, 17 percent of the same age group say they have not collected theirs. This is even as three percent of respondents stated that they have applied for transfer of their PVC to different locations.

The findings further revealed that 93 percent of adults indicated that they are registered to vote in the 2023 upcoming general elections thereby showing the readiness of Nigerians to vote in the upcoming general elections. 

So far, only seven percent of adult Nigerians stated that they are not registered to vote in that elections.

Additionally, the poll results further revealed that 55 percent stated that they 

collected their PVC before the 2015 general elections. Also, the poll findings further reveal that 22 percent of adult Nigerians collected their PVC before the 2019 general elections, but the results reveals that more females collected their cards than males before the 2019 elections.

However, 16 percent of adult registrants said they had collected their PVC after May 2021. 

Again, a greater proportion of females (19 percent collected theirs than males (14 percent).

Respondents were further asked how they would like to be notified by INEC when their PVC is ready for collection.

Majority stated that they would like to be notified through an SMS while 24 percent of respondents stated that they prefer phone calls as a means of notification with a greater proportion of males (25 percent) than females (23 percent) attesting to this. 

These are some of the key findings from the countdown to the 2023 general election polls conducted in September 2022. 

UNI Agric Markurdi
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