2023: Bala, PDP governing Bauchi temporarily – APC chieftain

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and one of the aspirants contesting the state chairmanship position in the forthcoming state congress, Musa Bayero Muhammed, has said that the current leadership in the state is there temporarily.

The chairmanship aspirant declared that APC will regain the its Bauchi state leadership in 2023.

Speaking with newsmen Sunday in Abuja on his ambition to become the next APC chairman in Bauchi, Hon. Muhammed said the state has about 80 percent of APC members in the whole population.

The APC chieftain added that governor Bala Muhammed- led administration in the state has abandoned the rural populace who voted the party into power.

“I want to inform everybody that Bauchi state has over 80% members of APC in the whole population. So, we are going to make sure they come back in full force. And, determined to give us the gubernatorial and presidential APC government.

“APC has a more glaring desire to help the common man. PDP has ruled Nigeria for 16 to 17 years. We didn’t see the impact. But, with the 6 or 7 years of the APC, we are feeling it and it is better in Bauchi state with APC than any other political party.

“Our educational background has gone astray. We want to improve on education, health, the commercial activities in Bauchi need to improve upon. Peace in Bauchi cannot be compared to any state in the North-east.

“We are looking at creating an environment where everybody will feel at home to do his or her business. And, ensure that they have that freedom even where the government is not involved. There should be freedom of business and activity, education, and health. That is what I am looking at. If we are able to put a government of APC, there will be a tremendous improvement in these activities that will favor everyone.

“Come 2023, we are going to win again. We are going to take our leadership. Our mantle of leadership is only waiting for the APC. Not any other party,” the chairmanship aspirant stated.

Speaking on his ambition to lead the party in Bauchi, Muhammed said: “I am in the race because the APC in Bauchi state lost in the year 2019. We as APC believed it is time, but that does not mean that we cannot improve on it. If God has destined somebody to be a leader, he has to become a leader.

“But that does not mean that our efforts will be futile. We always try to ensure our efforts reap the expected desire of the people of our state. The Bauchi state did not like any PDP leadership anymore. The government. and the people of Bauchi state must come under the governing body of the federation. So, it is on this note that I want to say that Bauchi state must be brought back to the limelight in order to achieve the desired results of governance at the federal, state, and even at the local government level.”