Youth unemployment, rising global commodities’ prices recipe for crime – Rewane

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Combined ‘attack’ of growing youth unemployment and rising commodities prices have conspired to ensure crime thrive in Nigeria and South Saharan Africa, Bismarck Rewane, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Financial Derivatives CompNy (FDC) Limited have said.

FDC in its bi-monthly publication growth in population of youths in Nigeria is such that 53.8 per cent of the Nigerian population are youths with a median age of 18 years of age.

“However, this growing cadre of Nigerians are mostly underemployed or unemployed. Currently, youth unemployment rate stands at 42.5 per cent. Little wonder the crime rate in the country is alarming, as murder, armed robbery, kidnapping and terrorism, have taken center stage, causing loss of lives and economic setbacks”, said Rewane.

He therefore said, there is a need for government at all levels, the international community and other stakeholders to embark on massive job creation programs and get youths off the streets.

“This will not only improve the social wellbeing of the citizens but also bolster economic growth and development”, he added.