Yoruba nation unveils Pajawiri mobile app to fight insecurity

The umbrella body of Yoruba self-determination groups, Ilana Omo Oodua, Monday, announced the unveiling of a mobile application designed to track kidnap victims and expose dangers across in Yoruba land.

Speaking at the virtual unveiling ceremony held in Ibadan, leader of Ilana Omo Oodua, Prof Banji Akintoye, said the emergence of PAJAWIRI is an evidence that the Yoruba people are too intellectually sophisticated to be subdued.

He stressed that the mobile application is an innovative way of fighting and combating crimes in a modern society, and that the security system also has another system called AFINIHAN that could be used by those without android phones to link up with those with the full application.

“We have now proven to the world that we cannot be captured nor be subdued. We are too intellectually sophisticated to be subdued. It is these Innovations and intellectual powers that we will deploy to get ourselves out of the quagmires of Nigeria”, he said.

Prof Akintoye added, “Every person in possession of Pajawiri app on their telephone, will be able to activate the APP instantly whenever they find themselves in danger. By activating the app, they will be able to alert their families, their friends and their neighbours that they are in danger and that they need help.

“In that way, no Yoruba person needs to be alone anywhere on their farms, schools, market places, shops and anywhere else. Any person who finds himself threatened by danger and who is in possession of Pajawiri will be able to alert other persons for help.”

Prof Akintoye maintained that the Yoruba today are able to enjoy security individually and collectively through the use of the APP known as Pajawiri, saying: ” Ilana Omo Oodua Worldwide owes our engineers who have “put this together an enormous debt of gratitude.

”The Yoruba people also owe a lot of gratitude to the umbrella body of Yoruba self-determination groups, “Ilana Omo Oduduwa” for all the encouragement and support that they have given to these engineers. The creators of this APP Pajawiri have magnanimously offered to put this app Pajawiri freely at the disposal of every Yoruba person for the next thirty days. That is, from now till the 21st of January, 2022. This means that all Yoruba people can have the protection of Pajawiri without paying any fees for the next thirty days.”