Woman a pillar of the family

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A man’s life has from inception been a motivation either with negative or positive impact in the life of his fellow man, thus the reason for one to ensure that his exemplary ways will surly speak volume of him and a reference point in history and particularly to his credit and glory to the Almighty God.

My name is Udumaga Rejoice Ihunanya, i am 18 years old and still an undergraduate. I was just a year plus old when I lost my father and was left with my mother Mrs Nkiru Udumaga who struggled to saddle the responsibility of being a widow at an early age. It was a stage that seemed unbearable in life but at the same time a period of transformation for permanent beginning of purposeful life. That moment for a young woman’s life where its many challenges both financial, emotional, real love, and other sensitive support that will encourage sustainability and life after death.

Early loss of a partner in one’s life either gingers determination for a way forward in either partner’s transition to another stage or they are left to remain in misery and agony. The society at that critical level is expected to support this person with encouragements that can give meaning hope that leads to solid foundation that binds a person with his/her actualized destiny of continuity.

I and my brother Udumaga Kelechi saw as children that moment of everyday tears in a woman’s face as strange and unfriendly habit that scared our own daily living. Although children, but it showed to us a very unfriendly environment that did not provide a place for comfort we and our mother. It was really a time that a good friend indeed mattered in our life and home and particularly a time to take the bull by the horn to face the unknown by an assumed frustrated woman.

It is said that train a woman and she will be-food basket of a nation. Her desire always is to think of the best for her children children and how to live a good legacy for her tomorrow just like proverb reminds us in that a good man lives inheritance for his children’s children. A woman should be commended for intensifying effort to start the beginning of her family life with religious way of life that the scripture says is the beginning of wisdom and enhances a fruitful life. The lost of an early love, is mostly a challenging and trail moment for all especially for the woman but education is also an encouraging tool that thus allows a woman to not only vision her tomorrow but look up to being in a same standard with her peers for the sake of her children.

However, it is a weeping night that brings joy and rejoice in the morning. The fact that a woman faces limitations as a single mother with no man by her side, brings out the divine energy in her that places right to the discovery of her destiny helpers which upon discovery, help not only to strengthen her part ways but at the same time, turns her struggles to a bond that makes her family appreciate love for others in hard times and that no condition is permanent. The struggles of ,of every woman no doubt helps to widen the horizon of a child, Apart from building the confidence in him, it lives him with memories of challenges seen in rough times and the defeat of impossibility.

Her love and exceptional care towards everyone around her, remains a forceful driving passion that moves people who are going through the same challenge, to believe in themselves as I did witnessed and now understand that success has no easy road. Suffix it to say that the powerful vision from a woman’s determination can influence the carrier choice and progression of a child.

Many have had to discover their unknown tomorrow from an assumed faithless faith and have today been discovered as rare consultants that give hope to the hopeless especially to other widows, widowers, and even single parents who are passing through hard times of life. As a child, I would always question my mum why my dad wasn’t in the family to make things better and she would just say ‘God said in his word that he is the father of the fatherless and so you have a higher and heavenly father, don’t worry about the earthly one’ and I would smile and say okay. As It was stated in the Bible, ‘train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it’. My mother set a solid foundation for I and my brother in both morals, religion, hard work, dedication, character, honesty and in general, the way of life.

The love of both parents is something every child should be able to experience in life but unfortunately, nature most times, proves itself authority in heaven and authority on earth. Being blessed to see and experience the undying love of a mother, has become my guide in life to wish to accept humanity and solicit with you as you read through this journal to join hands with me to put a smile on the faces of others less privileged brothers and sisters, who look towards hope rising.

Rejoice Udumaga
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