Why I’m gunning for Lagos assembly seat – Olatunbosun

Mr. Balogun Rotimi Olatunbosun aka BRO, is a member and cadidate of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) gunning for a place in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Ikorodu constituency. In this interview, Olatunbosun told BINTA SHAMA why he is in race.


Why I’m in the race

Apart from being an Estate consultant and developer, I have compassion and love for the people and decided to venture into politics in order to make positive impact because of the big gap in governance.

The representative of my constituency has failed while representing the people.

The incumbent Member of the house of assembly in my constituency has lost focus and disappointed us, so we the masses are not happy because we are not enjoying the dividends of democracy.

Since he has been representing  our constituency for the past 12 years and he is still willing to contest in the forth coming election in the midst of low standard of living.

Among the challenges of the constituency is lack of good and robust health care system. We have out of school kids because their education is being over-looked due to lack of funds to help support them educationally at the primary and secondary levels

This is why we have so many cultists and kids doing little or nothing during school hours everyday. While some engage in searching for scraps of irons around.

My manifesto has covered my plans for my constituency – Ikorodu North, where my people are in die need of good health, portable water supply and better standard of living there. The living standard is indeed very poor.

Nigeria in need of visionary leaders. My beloved Country lacks good leadership, visionary leaders and those leaders that can take us out of the woods.

What makes ANN a different political platform
The Party Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) is a party with a difference. The party was formed due to the agitation of young professionals who have excelled in their various professions and spheres of life.

These professionals haven equipped themselves with the power of information, were not satisfied with the way the country (Nigeria) was being governed. They now contacted one another via various social media platforms and founded a group to help in correcting the wrongs which had been made through bad governance, but unfortunately things got worse as their ideas and recommendations were trashed.

The group was then expanded to contain more liberal technocrats with burning desire and zeal to move the country forward. The group also advanced and applied to be registered as a political party whose vision isn’t to take over government alone but to also build a new Nigeria.

Fela Durotoye, is a renowned motivational speaker who saw the dream and was impressed by the ideology of these creative minds and decided to join the revolutionary train. While delivering a lecture, a student challenged him to step out of the side and walk to the front burner. And so, he decided to run on the platform of the party as the presidential candidate in the last presidential election, few weeks back. Though he did not emerge as winner he is still optimistic that better days are ahead and we aren’t loosing hope in the interest of our country and Nigerians as well.

Correcting what went wrong

The unemployment rate is very high. I can help in ensuring people get employed by the model I have which will help to create employment for about five thousand youths and elders in my constituency by ensuring we make use of the resources we have in our constituency – like the water ways and water front.

It is the first time I’m running for this position and I believe we should start from the grassroots to start making changes in the political process of our country. All youths should ensure they take responsibility. I have been funding my campaign personally and from support of friends and families.

I intend to create wealth for my constituency by ensuring I sponsor bills that will be beneficial to the masses. We should use what we have to create massive wealth for them to enjoy. My constituency should enjoy pipe-borne water, street light, good road. I will work on cleaning up the drainage system and give free health care through HMO.

Leadership is all about service to the people but today leaders do not see themselves as servants to the people, rather they oppress the poor masses because they don’t create laws that will identify and create wealth for them.

They just believe they are opportuned to steal the wealth of the nation to build their private estate.

I don’t believe in god-father kind of politics. I believe that hard work pays at the end which will make the masses fight for your replacement.

I don’t belong to any godfather system in politics. Our beloved ANN manifesto speaks clearly against it. I personally do not believe in ‘baba sope’ school of thoughts because you don’t have to know anybody before you can achieve greatness.

Our pre-Election/campaign activities have shown that we want a positive change and when given the opportunity to serve, I’m confident that I will provide the major needs of the people as mentioned earlier, which they have been deprived of for a long time.

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