Unemployment, major cause of insecurity

Insecurity in the country has become the order of the day as daily horrific news is being heard of insurgents’ activities.

Insecurity is gradually eating up the country as it affects all parts of the country and this is believed to be largely cause by unemployment. The nation is in a shambles.
The insecurity of lives and properties that has been plaguing the country has taken another turn, a turn that is favourable to no one, a turn no one would pray for. There is no safe place in country, From the South to the West to North and to the East, the country is brought down on its knees by criminal elements.

Our highways are no longer safe. The secession drum is beating so loud that it is capable of claiming the eardrums of those who care. And the truth is, we are not even ready for it. We act as if one region is responsible for the chaos of the other regions.

All these are due to the high rate of unemployment in the country. Lack of jobs drives jouths to engage in all sorts of activities that cause insecurity. Lack of employment makes the youth available to be used to cause any kind of havoc.

Tackling unemployment will go a long way in reducing the rate of insecurity. Tackling unemployment involves proactive approaches like creation of job opportunities, initiating entrepreneurship schemes and employment. This will go a long way in tackling unemployment thereby reducing insecurity. Improvement of education system will also assist in unemployment reduction.
To win against insecurity in the country, the government needs to tackle the issue of unemployment as it is a major cause of insecurity.

Kingsley Obinna Nwoko,
Department of Mass Communication,
University of Maiduguri,
Maiduguri, Borno state