2023: Nigerian Alliance mobilises youths, to sponsor 36 credible candidates nationwide

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a group of Nigerians has formerly launched The Nigerian Alliance (TNA) project to mobilise patriotic Nigerians into contesting for various political offices to fix the country and make it a better place.

The TNA project project has, however, revealed it plan to support 36 Progressive candidates who want to run for political offices in 2023 general elections.

Addressing its first press conference Monday in Abuja, TNA’s executive director Simi Olusola, said the events of the recent past have brought to the fore the need to elect, through free and transparent means leaders whose allegiance is, first, foremost and only,to Nigeria as a nation.

According to Olusola, the problems facing Nigeria currently require new and courageous ideas and the The Nigerian Alliance has developed a-7 policy pillars to address these issues head-on.

The TNA boss identified those areas that needed urgent attention to include; Right to life, Universal healthcare, freedom of speech, Police reform, Equity and inclusion, restructuring and a living wage.

“We need to create a Nigeria that finally belongs to all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected few. We need servant leaders who will work to create equality, justice, and liberty for all. We need YOU. TNA is calling on democrats, nation builders and everyone who wants a  better Nigeria to join us.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Rather, governments should be afraid of their people. Therefore, we must ensure power rests in the hands of the people electing everyday Nigerians to political offices – who are not necessarily beholden to political parties and corporations. 

“Democracy is built on representation, and ensuring our elected representatives make sound legislation. That will help improve the well-being of the electorate,” Olusola said.

Also speaking, TNA project lead, Sharon Orisakwe, called on Nigerians to join the organisation on the journey to build a country to be proud of.

Ojezele said: “If you have the ambition to vie for a State House of Assembly or Federal House of Representatives seat, our doors are open to you.  

“We are committing to the Nigerian people to deliver leaders who will listen, leaders who will be dedicated to the people. leaders who will not turn away from doing the hard things needed to fix Nigeria and make it a better place for us all.

“We are committing to the Nigerian people to place their needs and progress first. To be a voice for the masses and to never shy away from demanding accountability from our leaders.

We are committing to our candidates all the support they need from the day they make their decision to run to the day they make it into office and even beyond that. We will help you turn your offer to serve our country into a mandate from the electorate.

“Gone are the days of passive helplessness and active indifference. This is the time to act, to band together and take back our country from those who would see us subservient to their violence and greed.  

“If you have ever wondered how Nigeria can be changed for the better, this is the way.  If you have ever wanted to offer yourself up for bringing that change, this is your opportunity. And, if you have ever wondered when the right time to do this was, this is the time.”

To achieve the set goals, the organisation said it will focus on young Nigerians below 45-years of age, with at least Secondary school education with a means of living and has track record with knowledge of his or her constituency.

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