The relevance of a united Nigeria

The five-letter word, “unity” is a very important factor. It takes a phychic mind to unravel the deep-rooted message hidden in this word.

Unity as a virtue promotes peaceful living  individuals. This is because, with unity, individuals or citizens consider another person's problem as their own.

In a county where the citizens are united, there will be no religious crisis because every citizen has esteemed respect for another's faith. There will be no racism because they all believe they are equal.

There will be be no ethnic crisis because they all believe and agree to be and exist as one. This will ensure a peaceful existence among Nigerians.

But sadly, when discussions which are centered on unity are brought up, many Nigerians seem to over look the idea, and show disinterest. I have had the opportunity of interacting with some youths concerning unity, but their responses surprised me, and am forced to have this belief that this five-letter word means absolutely nothing to us, or maybe the ignorance of not wanting to know the actual meaning of the word and its impact on us, if we remain united.

Some Nigerians fail to understand that unity doesn’t only have a positive impact on the country, it also plays a vital role in the citizen’s life. Citizens are said to be united if they live in harmony with one another and speak with a single voice. Unity influences how citizens live with one another, how they interact, their approach to problems, political views, and many more.

There is no doubt that no country, irrespective of where it is situated, can progress without national unity.
We all know the popular quote “unity is strenght” and there is a popular saying “united we stand, divided we fall”. To succeed in whatever we are doing we need to be united. Unity will help reduce the insecurity rate in Nigeria and other conflicts.

We too can become a great and better nation if we settle our differences, try as much as possible to avoid conflict among ourselves,and embrace unity and togetherness. Peace, love, and unity should serve as those principles which will guide we Nigerians, to building a better Nigeria. Nigerians should have this in mind: nothing can be achieved without unity, because it is the backbone of success of any country.

Maidat Umar,
Department of Mass Communication,
Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic,
Bauchi state