Suleja General Hospital gets medical director

A new medical director has been appointed for the Suleja General Hospital; he is Dr. Adedokun Adebayo Abdulazeez. He replaces Dr. Hussaini Yabagi who completed his two-term period recently.

Until his appointment, Abdulazeez was the Medical Director of General Hospital, Kontagora for two years.
Blueprint gathered that since he assumed duty, he had given the antenatal unit a new look to ensure that pregnant women who come to access antenatal care were comfortable.

He said: “A woman carries my baby or my mother carries me in the womb, I think she should be comfortable. Whenever she wants to assess her health in every way that concerns her and the unborn child, she should be able to do the easily and in the most comfortable way. If the pregnant woman is spending three to four minutes in the hospital, she will be comfortable if not better than her home.”

However, the new medical director emphasised the need to work on attitude of the health workers, patients and their relatives, saying that “so that all of us can work in harmony and able to achieve the main aim of providing a healthy society for the country.”
He said the facility on ground needed to be upgraded.

“We have the manpower but when you enter the hospital, you might not be encouraged in terms of structure, landscaping amongst others.”

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