Sani unveils N458bn 2024 budget to Kaduna assembly

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna state has presented N458, 271,299,477.66 as the proposed 2024 “Budget of Rural Transformation for Inclusive Development” to the Kaduna state House of Assembly.

The sum of N318, 836,576,588.28 is voted for capital expenditure, while N139,434,722,889.38 is proposed as budget for recurrent expenditure, representing a capital to recurrent ratio of 69.57% to 30.43%. The budget voted 25.19% for education, 15.63% for health, and 20.42% was allocated for the economic sector, which consist of agriculture, public infrastructure, and housing. The budget proposed internally generates revenue of N120 billion.

The governor said the draft budget prioritises capital spending in accordance with the Sustain Agenda of his administration, which he said is not only aimed at rural transformation and delivering inclusive development through the provision of critical infrastructure, especially in rural communities, but also to deliver on social protection and human capital development to reinvigorate the productivity of the people, create jobs and boost the economy.

“We propose to spend N115,421,129,011.16 or 25.19% on Education, N71,647,821,975.33 or 15.63% on Health, and the sum of N93,597,652,206.40 which is one-fifth of the budget or 20.42% is allocated to the economic sector, including Agriculture, Public Works and Infrastructure, and Housing. The recurrent expenditure estimates, personnel cost N74,967,939,528.47, overhead cost, N39,066783,360.91, Public Debt Charges, N25,400,000,000.00 amounting to N139,434,722,889.38 as recurrent expenditure with NET recurrent revenue at N85,906,533,753.71.