Revealed! Why another power generation dip occured in Nigeria

Nigeria’s power generation dipped to 991MW Wednesday night with only six out of 24 power plants operating in Nigeria, Blueprint has learnt.

The decline in generation, which was recorded at 20:15hours of the day occurred after the 15 plants produced 3,590 at 20:00 hours of the same day.

The six power plants in operation were; Dadinkowa G.S (Hydro), Geregu (Gas), Jebba (Hydro), Omoku (Gas), Sapele (Steam), and Shiroro (Hydro).

A document obtained on Wednesday night from the Independent System Operator (SO) titled: “List of GenCos and their MW Load @ 20:15hrs on 18/01/2023″, shows that Dadinkowa G.S (Hydro) generated 30.30MW; Geregu, 137MW; Jebba, 368MW; Omoku, 39.10MW; Sapele, 116.60MW, and Shiroro, which produced 300MW.

However, Blueprint Power Correspondent reports that the grid started off on Wednesday with 3,738MW generated at 6:00hours, but the generation dipped to 3,719MW at 14:00hrs on the same day.

At 15:00hrs, the generation increased to 3,734MW, and maintained the increase to 3,899.70MW at 17:00hrs. This tempo was sustained and increased to 3,928MW at 18:00hrs.

However, the grid experienced a drip at 20:00hrs with 15 power plants generating 3,590MW, which accounts for a 330.90MW shortfall recorded at the said hour.

But the marginal decline was recorded at 20:15hrs when the power generation dipped to 991MW.

An analysis of the development shows that a total of nine power plants did not generate power at the said hours, while the shortfall of generated power between 20:00hrs and 20:15 hrs stands at 2599MW .