Reps to investigate activities of Foreign Affairs Ministry, missions

The House of Representatives has mandated its Committee on Foreign Affairs to carry out a holistic investigation into the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nigeria’s foreign missions.

This followed the adoption of a motion by Hon. Ben Etanabene, during plenary Thursday, noting that government has put in place a clearly defined Foreign Policy thrust of Democracy, Development, Demography and Diaspora known as 4Ds to usher in a new foreign policy focus for the country, and that the House has taken several steps to ensure that the reforms and policy thrust comes to fruition for the good of the country.

He expressed concern that “many Nigerians are illegally held or imprisoned in foreign countries and often under harsh conditions that may lead to loss of lives if urgent actions are not taken.”

“Many Nigerians students are stranded in foreign land over issues that can be resolved and many Nigerians owned businesses around the world helping in contributing to the economy of those countries and sending remittances back home are suffering harassment and sabotage.

Etanabene noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a body recognised by law to ensure the implementation of the foreign policy objectives of government exercisable through the various foreign mission equally plays other specialised roles that promote and regulate how Nigeria and Nigerians are perceived across the global community, especially through activities in our Embassies and High Commissions which carry out Consular and Diplomatic functions in all areas.